Special Town Election Scheduled for Nov 4th

The Board of Selectmen have called for a Special Town Election on November 4, 2014 to fill the two (2) vacant Selectman positions.

Timeline for Special Town Election:

  • Last day to obtain nomination papers – September 12, 2014 (Town Clerk’s Office open until 5pm)
  • Last day to submit nomination papers to registrars of voters – September 16, 2014 (Town Clerk’s Office open until 7pm)
  • Last day to object or withdraw– October 2, 2014
  • Last day to register to vote – October 15, 2014

Water Main Break – Summer Street

Please be advised that we had a water main break on August 12th in the area of Summer Street between Durant and Howard. Due to this break we have shut down the water main. Therefore, the areas of Summer Street between Durant Road and Howard, Dix Road between Summer and Reo, and Nancy Circle will be out of water temporary until we repair the break.

DPW crews are at the location accessing the damage and to begin repairs.

Nomination Papers Available

Nomination papers are now available for the Special Town Election to be held  on November 4, 2014. The last day to obtain town nomination papers is September 12, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

The following town offices are open on the election:

  • 1 Selectman (remainder of the 2012 term)
  • 1 Selectman (remainder of the 2013 term)

45 valid Maynard voter signatures are required.

Nomination papers are at the Town Clerk’s Office, Town Hall, 195 Main Street. Please call the Town Clerk at 978-897-1300 if you have any questions.

Economic Development Committee Holds First Meeting

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet is pleased to announce that the Maynard Economic Development Committee (EDC), formed recently by the Board of Selectmen, held its inaugural meeting at Town Hall yesterday morning.

“The EDC is intended to provide input and advice on the town’s economic development opportunities such as ways to support existing businesses, creation of new employment opportunities and the attraction of new investment,” Town Administrator Sweet said.

The EDC includes members of the Revitalize Maynard Collaborative, Maynard Business Alliance, Clocktower Place, Town officials, as well as at-large residents and business owners. Also on the Committee is Representative Kate Hogan who was in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting began with a presentation by Town Administrator Sweet that included a basic outline of objectives and strategies developed by the Town for discussion and feedback. Initial discussions also included ways to enrich the Maynard business climate, the role of public space, community life, further development of Maynard as a cultural entertainment destination and the need for successful branding to attract new residents, businesses and capture outside dollars.

Virtually all of the members agreed that the committee must meet regularly and stay consistent to shared goals and objectives to be successful. An ambitious schedule to maintain momentum begins with the next meeting scheduled for August 19. The upcoming meeting is expected to further solidify goals and objectives in part based on a model presented by the Town “Maynard 2020 – An Economic Action Plan.” The blue print identifies six areas for initial “areas of concentration”:

  1. Business Environment
  2. Downtown Development
  3. Community and Living
  4. Gateways
  5. Recreation/Leisure/Culture
  6. Branding

The Town framework suggests utilizing “core” strategies to start moving the effort forward:

  • Identify Maynard’s strategic investment opportunities
  • Utilize and protect all our existing assets
  • Proactively address our weaknesses
  • Target key land acquisitions
  • Communicate the Maynard message
  • Evaluate and adjust our regulatory tool box

Meetings are open to the public with the next scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on August 19 at Town Hall in the MJG meeting room.

Dog Park Grand Opening – Aug 9th

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet and MayDOG, the Maynard Dog Owners Group, are pleased to announce that the Town of Maynard will open its first official Off-Leash Dog Park on Saturday, August 9.

“A proper, off-leash park for Maynard’s canine family members to run free and play together is a tremendous resource for our town, and I am proud to join MayDOG in celebrating this wonderful new park,” Town Administrator Sweet said. “The park will serve as a friendly, free source of recreation for dogs in our area.”

To commemorate the park’s opening, there will be a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, starting at 1 p.m. All are invited!

The opening of the new park is more than six years in the making. MayDOG has been park-pic2-Aug-2014-600x450working with the Town since 2008 to bring a safe, free off-leash recreation area to this community. With the support of the public and town government, this area’s only fenced dog park will now be available for use by residents of Maynard and the surrounding area, free of charge. The park will be open during daylight hours from spring through late fall.

Those wishing to attend the opening ceremony are asked to RSVP to MayDOG@MayDOG.org. On-site parking will be limited, so for those who live close by, it may be prudent to walk.

Dogs are, of course, welcome to come with their owners. For those planning to bring a dog, we ask that you review the park rules posted at www.maydog.org/rules.html. Also, please note that the park area is wooded and currently has a forest floor/wood chip type of surface; you will want to be sure that your dog is up to date on flea and tick protection.

MayDOG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to building community through responsible dog ownership. MayDOG operates and maintains the Maynard Off-Leash Dog Park through an agreement with the Town of Maynard, for the benefit of local residents. More information about the park and MayDOG is available at www.MayDOG.org.

Park photographs are courtesy of MayDOG.

New Town Government News Portal

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new online news portal for town government!

MaynardTownAdmin.org will provide news, information, downloadable resources and an events calendar for residents, visitors, and business owners in Maynard.

“I wanted to create a website and blog that will provide news and updates on what’s happening every day in Maynard and how town government is working to make life better, every day,” Town Administrator Sweet said. “I hope people will find it useful and informative.”

The easy-to-read website contains:

  • A news blog
  • Links to Maynard social media sites
  • Information and photos of town officials
  • A resources page that will feature downloadable forms and important documents
  • A place to sign up for the Town Administrator’s email newsletter
  • A visual, colorful events calendar, containing information about meetings, town-wide events, and fun things happening in Maynard.

The website was designed by John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC and was built using the popular Genesis Framework for the WordPress website platform. It features a modern, HTML 5 “Responsive Design” that works equally well on computer, tablet, and smartphone screens.

Maynard Fire Department Offers Free Home Inspections

Maynard Fire Chief Anthony Stowers recommends that all residents consider the Fire Department’s Home Inspection program. This program is free to Maynard residents and offers the opportunity to have a qualified fire official check the safety of your home and that your fire detectors are working correctly.

“There is a lot of value to this program and I would love to see our residents participate in it,” Chief Stowers said. “The safety measures that these inspections look at will help the residents that participate have safer homes for their families. It’s free, and no one gets in trouble by having the fire department come do an inspection. We just want to help!”

The fire inspection is meant to keep you safe in your home, checking for any possible dangers. Throughout the inspection, firefighters will check your home, giving you tips to keep your family and home safe. The inspections last approximately one hour.

Some areas that the inspection will cover include:

  • On the outside of the house, firefighters will look for street numbers making sure they are at least 4” high and of contrasting color so responders can see it from the street.
  • If the occupant has a pool, some safety tips are available to ensure the safety of all occupants and children.
  • The inspection then moves inside and looks at smoke and carbon monoxide detector operation and placement, electrical safety, slip trip and fall hazards among other items.

Fire inspections will begin in October, which is also Fire Prevention Month. This program offers preventative safety tips, helping Maynard residents avoid a possible catastrophe if they were not aware of a safety hazard present in their home.

“The benefits of this program are huge. Having a qualified professional look at your home for possible sources of danger at no cost is priceless for the safety of you, your family and your home,” Chief Stowers said.

Maynard Fire Department offers many resources for residents and businesses on their web site.

You may book a spring inspection from April 1 through May 31 and a Fall inspection Sept 1 through October 31. Please call Nancy Brooks at 978-897-1015 for an appointment. All appointments will be scheduled on Saturdays.