Our Electronic Permitting Portal is open!

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet is excited to announce that the Office of Municipal Services (OMS) has launched an electronic permitting portal which will help residents, developers, and businesses apply for and receive permits more efficiently.

The Office of Municipal Services manages and operates the planning, economic development and regulatory service functions of the Town. With all of these responsibilities, efficiency, ease and organization are important, all of which improved with the electronic permitting portal.

Working with Full Circle Technologies, the hosted permit portal allows users to create an account which is a big time saver, especially for developers who create multiple permits each year.  Users can apply for most permits OMS issues – building, plumbing, electrical, etc.

“I am pleased that Maynard will now offer this intuitive, modern system for issuing permits in town,” Town Administrator Sweet said. “The Full Circle Technologies system will make town government work better while saving time and money for residents and contractors.”

By mid-fall, Health Permits will also be available through the site. By winter, the Town intends to offer a Citizen’s Request option as well where concerns can be reported and then directed to the correct Town department. This new system, encompassing all of these services will be important for residents, local builders and the community at large.

Stephanie Duggan, Administrative Assistant to the Town Administrator and OMS, led the project implementation.

“It has already helped us in reviewing our practices and policies, in streamlining approvals, and in managing our records better – and we are just getting started,” Duggan said.

Efficiency and convenience were two of the areas that this initiative was implemented to improve for the community. This online permitting solution is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to making the application and review process more efficient, permits can also be paid for on-line through a secure transaction directly to the Town’s clearinghouse.  This ensures payments are received and properly credited, eliminates delays in depositing, potential bounced checks, and cash handling by employees. Users can use their checking accounts or their credit cards to pay for permit requests.

The Office of Municipal Services is pleased to be offering this automated service to the Town as part of an approach to simplify and improve interactions between the Town, its residents, and businesses. This service will significantly increase the permitting process through its ease of use, convenience and through a more efficient processing procedure than in the past.

The permitting portal is available in the sidebar to the right or you can visit the OMS Building & Inspections Division.