Planning, Zoning, Rock and Rolling Radio Hour Season 3


Who said planning and zoning has to be bureaucratic, monochromatic, asthmatic, systematic, autocratic or dull? Well it isn’t…at least for one hour!

Greg Hill joins Bill Nemser for the Nov 1 PZRR show
Greg Hill joined Bill Nemser for the Nov 1 PZRR show

Join Maynard Town Planner Bill Nemser as he fills you in on all the latest planning related news, discusses place-making trends in the Metrowest Region and presents an assortment of exciting guests all the while weaving it all into an eclectic musical tapestry of hits, misses and classics from all genres! And best of all, the infamous “Think You Know Maynard?” trivia game!

Season Three of “Planning, Zoning, Rock and Rolling” is underway! Listen live on WAVM 97.1 or online at

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 – 3PM

Bill’s Guest: Maynard ArtSpace Gallery and Studio Administrator, Linda Spear!

Recognized as one of New England’s premier mid-size exhibition spaces, Maynard ArtSpace is a key component of Maynard’s vibrant cultural scene. Housed in the former Fowler Middle School , with 80 artists and a healthy waiting list, ArtSpaces’ success and popularity is undeniable! Its 55,000 square feet represents a significant portion of Maynard’s cultural identity. Now with a newly awarded Cultural District designation, Maynard is poised to take its art community to the next level: how will ArtSpace rise to the challenge? Linda will discuss all this and more including working with the Town, upcoming exhibits and what she thinks ArtSpaces’ increasingly regional role means for Maynard!

It’s our last show of the season and another “do not miss” episode for anyone interested in how Maynard is working regionally to address local transportation issues.

The Planning Zoning Rock and Rolling Radio Hour was awarded the 2016 Media Award by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association for excellence in comprehensive coverage of a planning or development issue.