Parks, Fields and Playgrounds are OPEN

Updated July 10, 2020, all Town of Maynard public parks, including athletic courts, athletic fields and playground areas are opened for use with the following restrictions. All visitors must adhere to the following listed guidelines. The Town of Maynard or School Department may approve applications for the permitted-use of fields. Approved-permit holders will have exclusive use of the fields during their allotted times. Walk-on activities are not allowed at the same time as permitted-use.

Please continue reading for rules and regulations in place for this Phase 3 re-opening.

Face Coverings and Masks

All visitors to parks, athletic courts, athletic fields, and playground areas must comply with COVID-19 Order 31 regarding face coverings and masks.

Social Distancing and Hygiene:

  • Persons using parks, athletic courts, athletic fields, and playground areas must maintain 6 feet of distance from all other persons.
  • Parents, guardians and other adults supervising children should monitor children at all times to ensure children maintain proper distancing and adhere to requirements for face coverings.
  • Children and adults who feel sick or who are recovering from an illness may not visit the parks, athletic courts, athletic fields, and playground fitness areas.
  • After visiting public spaces, users should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Youth and Adult Amateur Sports activities must follow Phase III, step 1 Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Guidance and procedures for specific park use.  Please read the Massachusetts Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities document for details.

Trash Disposal

  • When visiting public properties without trash receptacles, visitors should adhere to a strict “carry in, carry out” policy and take waste with them.

Click here for a PDF version of these rules plus a COVID-19 Disclaimer posted at all of the facilities.