Charter and Bylaws

At the foundation of Town government is the Town Charter and the Town Bylaws.  Together these two documents dictate the structure and actions of town officials and many of the boards, committees and commissions that make up town government.


Town of Maynard Charter

The charter affirms the town’s right to conduct our local government within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with the Home Rule Amendments of the Constitution.

Maynard Town Charter (30 pages, pdf)

Please note that Maynard’s Charter is currently under a periodic review that commenced on August 1, 2011.   For information on this process please visit the Charter Review Committee page.



The Town Bylaws provide specific rules and regulations for many aspects of civil life in the town including how Town Meeting is conducted, how key boards and town offices are structured, to public safety topics such as fire alarms and storage requirements.

The current bylaws of the town were effective December 3, 2005 by a vote of Town Meeting in October of that year.

Town of Maynard By-Laws (95 pages, pdf)

A draft of the updated charter is available on the Charter Review Committee page.

Bylaw Amendments

Since 2005 there have been 20 amendments to the general bylaws.

Town of Maynard By-Law Amendments (54 pages, pdf)


Open Meeting Law

Except in an emergency, a notice of every meeting of any governmental body shall be filed with the Town Clerk of the town in which the body acts, and a notice or a copy thereof shall, at least forty-eight hours prior to such meeting, be publicly posted in the office of the Town Clerk.

The notice shall be printed in easily readable type and shall contain the date, time and place of such meeting. Such filings and postings shall be the responsibility of the officer calling such meeting. Please include a phone number where you can be reached and submit to the Town Clerk, to assure proper posting. Meeting postings may also be emailed at

Except in cases of emergency, do not meet on holidays, election days or during town meetings.