ADA Commission

The ADA Commission works with town officers and departments to identify community needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law.


Our Mission

To offer all Town Citizens with permanent and temporary disabilities an Equal Opportunity in accessing Town government offices, public buildings, Programs, Goods & Services, Transportation,Telecommunications via the Internet, and Recreational opportunities. In collaboration with Town Officials and the Maynard Community, the ADA Committee will:

  • Educate town citizens and officials about the Town’s needs including but not limited to physical accessibility, electronic mail communications and community programs.
  • Provide a referral database of area resources and services for Citizens in need.
  • Advocate for safe community access for all Citizens.

2018 ADA Transition Plan

In 2017, the Town received a grant from the Massachusetts Office of Disabilities to update its ADA Transition Plan. The rewrite has been drafted and it includes new provisions for enable citizens to ask for accommodations, appoints an employee as a point of contact, and outlines new physical and electronic access improvements to be implemented in the coming years.

Before submitting the plan to the Commonwealth for acceptance, public input is required.  In addition, a committee must be re-established which will inform capital planning, make budget recommendations, and assist citizens and the town in determining and establishing proper accommodations in the future. The current committee is dormant.

The draft plan is available for download on this page or by request at the Town Administrator’s Office.  Anyone interested in serving on the ADA Committee should also contact the Town Administrator’s Office for details.

Download the Draft ADA Transition Plan (Jun 2018)





Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Provides programs and services that promote the independence of people wtih disabilties, including:



The committee was restarted in late 2018.