Cultural Council

cultural council logo CThe Maynard Cultural Council serves as the local representative of the Massachusetts Cultural Council for the purpose of supporting arts and humanities initiatives in Maynard by granting funds allocated to the town by the Commonwealth.

The Council is a volunteer organization appointed by the Board of Selectmen.



Meetings are typically scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at Town Hall.  Please check here for meeting dates and agendas:


Cultural District Application

On the evening of November 12, 2014, Meri Jenkins from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, spoke with about 40 interested members of the community.  Ms. Jenkins used an extensive photographic display to illustrate how other communities have successfully created cultural districts.

Audience members had many questions about how a district can benefit the community.  Ms. Jenkins elaborated on the economic and community benefits of maximizing a community’s ‘assets’.

In order for Maynard to receive a cultural district designation from the State, an application must be developed. This is a process that requires input from throughout the community’s assets – art, food, and cultural business, programs, and activities.   Two grant funded studies completed since August, complement and reinforce the idea of Maynard’s downtown as a destination for activities and commerce.

The Town of Maynard Board of Selectmen endorsed the idea of moving forward toward the development of an application.  To that end, a group of community member’s will need to get together to begin the process. The Selectmen have identified a small amount of money that can be used as seed funding in the development of the activities that will become the framework of the application.

It is expected to take about a year and those involved will need to create definitions for the district, create its governance model, and complete the application.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity, please reply to me   If there is interest in moving this forward, a convening meeting will be announced.   Thank you for your interest in shaping Maynard’s future.



 Tim HessChair
Brent MathisonCo-Chair
John HouchinClerk
Gail Irwin Treasurer
Erik Hansen
Molly Bergin
Jeffrey Swanberg