Elected and Appointed Officials

grenier(Revised September 2016)

Maynard Town Clerk’s Office, Tel. 978-897-1300 Fax 978-897-8553

This page provides the current appointed and elected officials and their term expiration date.


ADA Commission

Currently Dormant

Affordable Housing Trust

Currently Dormant

Animal Control Officer

Jennifer Condon6/30/17

Animal Inspector

Jennifer Condon6/30/17

Appeals, Board of

Vacant Postion6/30/19
Molly Bergin6/30/18
Vacant Position6/30/19
Leslie Bryant6/30/18
Marilyn Messenger6/30/17
Paul Scheiner6/30/17
Jamal DeVita6/30/19

Assessors, Board of

Angela MarramaIndefinite
Christopher Worthy6/30/18
Stephen Pomfret6/30/17
William Doyle6/30/16

Assistant Town Administrator

Andrew Scribner-MacLeanIndefinite

Board of Health

Kathy McMillan6/30/18
Kelly Pawluczonek6/30/17
Lisa Thout6/30/17
Ron Cassidy6/30/19

Building Commissioner

Richard AsmannIndefinite

By-law Committee, Standing

William Kohlman6/30/19
William Cullen6/30/19
James J. Earley6/30/18
Eugene Redner6/30/18
Vacant Position6/30/17

Charter By-Law Review Committee

Eugene RednerIndefinite
James EarleyIndefinite
Peter ReedIndefinite
Vacant PositionIndefinite
Vacant PositionIndefinite
William KohlmanIndefinite
William CullenIndefinite

Cable Television Committee

Currently Dormant

Capital Planning Committee

Currently Dormant

Charter Revision Committee

Brendon ChetwyndIndefinite
Jack MacKeenIndefinite
Jennifer GaudetIndefinite
Peter CampbellIndefinite
Ron CassidyIndefinite
William CullenIndefinite
William KohlmanIndefinite

Citizen Corps/Medical Reserve Corps

Bernadine Perham12/31/15
Deb Roussell12/31/15
Janet Hales12/31/15
John Flood12/31/15
Mary Ferranti12/31/15
Mary Hilli12/31/15
Mary-Ellen Quintal12/31/15

Community Preservation Committee

William Cranshaw6/30/19
Ellen Duggan6/30/19
Jane Audrey-Neuhauser6/30/17
M. John Dwyer6/30/18
Rick Lefferts6/30/19
Steve Jones6/30/20
Thomas Hesbach6/30/18
Vacant Position6/30/20
Randy James6/30/18

Community Preservation Committee (Admin)

Lisa HanleyIndefinite

Conservation Commission

Fredric King6/30/18
Jessica Pfeifer6/30/17
M. John Dwyer6/30/17
James Bullis6/30/18


Joseph Topol6/30/18
Michael Albanese6/30/17
Mary McCue6/30/18
William Pickett, Jr.6/30/17

Council on Aging

Amy LovelessIndefinite
Anita Dolan6/30/19
Diane Wasiuk6/30/19
Rachelle Greenaway6/30/18
Paula Copley6/30/17
Angelina Flannery6/30/18

Cultural Council

John H. Houchin6/30/19
Erik Hansen6/30/18
Gail Erwin6/30/17
Molly Bergin6/30/19
Brent Mathison6/30/19
Joyce Dwyer6/30/19
Reya Stevens6/30/19
Ron Labbe6/30/18
W. Timothy Hess6/30/18

Economic Development Committee

Andrew Scribner-MacLean12/31/16
Bill Nemser12/31/16
Chris Worthy12/31/16
Vacant Position12/31/16
Jack MacKeen12/31/16
Kate Hogan12/31/16
Lynda Thayer12/31/16
Vacant Position12/31/16
Paul Nicklesberg12/31/16
Ron Calabria12/31/16
Sarah Cressey12/31/16

Emergency Management Director

Kevin SweetIndefinite

Emergency Management Deputy Director

Aaron Miklosko6/30/17

Finance Committee

Vacant Position6/30/17
Donald Rowe6/30/18
Justin Cole6/30/17
Nathan Ulrich6/30/19
P.J. Gauthier6/30/19
Peter Campbell6/30/19
Robert McCarthy6/30/18

Fire Chief

Anthony StowersIndefinite

Fire Station Building Committee

Calabria Ron12/30/16
Sweet Kevin12/30/16
Scribner-Maclean Andrew12/30/16
Miklosko Aaron12/30/16
Stowers Anthony12/30/16
Kiley Sean12/30/16
DiSilva Chris12/30/16
Gavin David12/30/16
Costello Dan12/30/16
Ulrich Nathaniel12/30/16

Gas Inspector

Adam SahlbergIndefinite

Green Communities Committee

Aaron Miklosko12/31/16
Andrew Scribner-MacLean12/31/16
Bill Nemser12/31/16
Vacant Position12/31/16
John Edson12/31/15
Ken Neuhauser12/31/15
Marie Morando12/31/15
Peter DiCicco12/31/16
Richard Asmann12/31/16
Steve Weiner12/31/15
Vacant Position12/31/15
Vacant Position12/31/15

Historical Commission

Priscilla Sanberg6/30/18
David Griffin6/30/17
Ellen Duggan6/30/18
Jack MacKeen6/30/19
Ken Neuhauser6/30/17
Lee Caras6/30/18
Paul Boothroyd6/30/17

Housing Authority

C. David Hull6/30/16
George Hardy6/30/18
Judith Peterson6/30/21
Robert LarkinIndefinite
William Cranshaw6/30/20
William Primiano6/30/17

Industrial Development and Finance Auth.

Currently Dormant

Library Trustees Public Library

Cheryl Bouchard6/30/17
Peter Reed6/30/19
Patricia Chambers6/30/18
Steven WeinerIndefinite

Local Emergency Planning Comm. (LEPC)

Aaron Miklosko12/31/16
Anthony Stowers12/31/16
Andrew Scribner-MacLean12/31/17
John Flood12/31/16
Kevin Sweet12/31/16
Mark Dubois12/31/16
Peter DiCicco12/31/16
Robert Larkin12/31/16
Stephanie Duggan12/31/16

MAPC- Representative

Christopher DiSilva12/31/18


Richard (Dick) Downey6/30/18

Planning Board

Andrew D’Amour6/30/18
Bernard Cahill6/30/17
Bill NemserIndefinite
Gregory Tuzzolo6/31/2019
Samantha Elliot6/30/17
Brent Mathison6/30/17
William Gosz6/30/18

Plumbing Inspector

Adam Sahlberg6/30/17

Plumbing Inspector Alt

Jeremy Pierce6/30/16

Police Chief

Mark DuboisIndefinite

Public Works Advisory Committee

Currently Dormant

Public Works Operations Manager

Aaron MikloskoIndefinite

Recreation Commission

Peter Falzone6/30/16
Stephen Jones6/30/16
Denise Walsh6/30/18
Vacant Position6/30/17
Adam Sherman6/30/18

Regional Vocational School Comm

Laura Ross6/30/19


Anita Dolan6/30/17
C.David Hull6/30/16
Charles Shea6/30/17
Madaline Lukashuk6/30/18
Michelle SokolowskiIndefinte

Retirement Board

Christopher Connelly, Sr4/1/19
Clifford Wilson4/1/18
Jean Ignachuck4/1/17
Kevin PetersonIndefinite
Mike GuzzoIndefinite

School Committee

Bethlyn Vergo Houlihan6/30/18
Dawn Capello6/30/18
Jamal DeVita6/30/17
Justin Hemm6/30/19
Mary Mertsch6/30/17

School Office

Charles CaragianesIndefinite
Donna DanknerIndefinite
Jeff MelaIndefinite
Peter DiCiccoIndefinite
Robert GerardiIndefinite

Sealer of Weights and Measures

State Contract6/30/16


Christopher DiSilva6/30/16
David Gavin6/30/17
Jason Kreil6/30/17
Terrence Donovan6/30/18
Timothy Egan6/30/18

Town /School Building Committee

Aaron Miklosko12/31/15
Anthony Midey, Jr.12/31/15
Bonnie Winokar12/31/15
Charles CaragianesIndefinite
David Gavin12/31/14
Edward Mullin12/31/14
Jennifer Gaudet12/31/13
Justin Hemm12/31/15
Ken Neuhauser12/31/14
Kevin Sweet12/31/14
Marie Morando12/31/14
Matt Briggs12/31/13
Peter DiCicco12/31/15
Peter O’Callaghan12/31/13
Robert Gerardi12/31/14

Town Accountant

Michael Guzzo

Town Administrator

Kevin Sweet

Town Clerk

Michelle SokolowskiIndefinite

Town Counsel

Lisa Mead

Town Planner

Bill NemserIndefinite

Town Treasurer/Collector

Cheryl KaneIndefinite

Tree Warden

Aaron MikloskoIndefinite

Veterans Administrator

Wayne StanleyIndefinite

Wire Inspector

Peter Morrison6/30/17

Wire Inspector Alt

James Downing6/30/15