Maynard Fire Department Overview Document

The Maynard Fire Department has prepared a document outlining who we are and what we do as a public safety organization. We hope you will enjoy reading this document and that it gives you a better understanding of what todays firefighters do on a daily basis.

Thank you and stay safe!

Anthony Stowers
Fire Chief, Maynard Fire Department

View or download the Maynard Fire Department Overview document.

Regionalization Recommendations and Implementation Report

L.R. Kimball is pleased to provide the Towns of Sudbury, Wayland, Weston, Concord, Acton, Maynard, Lincoln and Boxborough (collectively, the Towns) with its Regionalization Recommendations and Implementation report. The Towns jointly commissioned L.R. Kimball to assess, inventory and analyze current conditions; and to provide recommendations regarding feasibility of a regional approach to emergency communications.

Through the course of this study, L.R. Kimball has determined that regionalization of all eight towns is practical and feasible from a political and financial perspective. Therefore, L.R. Kimball’s recommendation is that the Towns begin following the Next Steps to establish governance, identify a fair and equitable funding method, locate a site to house the regional center and hire a Director to facilitate the planning process and to develop the regional center’s operational programs, such as eligibility/hiring, training, protocols (e.g., emergency medical dispatch [EMD]) and quality assurance (QA) programs.

To arrive at this determination and recommendation, L.R. Kimball collected a wide variety of data from the respective public safety answering points (PSAPs)/dispatch centers, agency heads and served agency personnel, including law enforcement and fire. L.R. Kimball utilized a survey tool to collect data from the dispatch centers on staffing, budgets, technology, pay scales, and operational methods. L.R. Kimball observed operations in the dispatch centers to gain an understanding of the work flow and call handling processes.

Download the full report (236 pages, pdf)

Composting is EASY and Helps Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The Board of Health reminds everyone that composting is a great way to recycle our organic “waste” into a beneficial soil amendment for our yards and gardens. Composting at home can also help reduce methane production at landfills. Using the compost in our landscapes helps store carbon in the soil instead of releasing it to the atmosphere. Compost creates healthy soil, reducing or eliminating the need for fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation. We can reduce our trash by 50 percent or more by composting.

It’s easy to make compost, and the Town of Maynard makes it even easier by offering rodent- resistant home composting bins for $35.00, over 50% off the retail price. To obtain a discounted compost bin, please contact or visit the Board of Health office.

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