New COA Van


On Oct 27th the Council on Aging received a new van from the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA). Accepting the new van were Asst. Town Administrator Andrew Scribner-MacLean, COA Director Amy Loveless, Rep. Kate Hogan,  Van Driver Janine Parker, LRTA Administrator James Scanlan, Town Administrator Kevin Sweet, and Selectman Chris DiSilva.

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Open Table has moved to the Coolidge School

Open Table Maynard is On the MoveOpen Table, which has served the greater Maynard community for seven years, is moving to a new location. Beginning on Monday, November 9 they will be located on the first floor of the former Coolidge School at 12 Bancroft Street. The Town of Maynard, under the leadership of Andrew Scribner MacClean, Assistant Town Administrator, has been instrumental in assisting Open Table in finding a new location and in making the former school available to them.

Open Table pantry serves an average of 100 families each week, providing them with meat, eggs, dairy products, fresh produce and baked goods, in addition to package non-perishable food and household items. An all volunteer organization, Open Table welcomes all comers to both the food pantry and to their community dinner which is currently served at the Sudbury United Methodist Church on Route 27 on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.

While Open Table continues to look for a permanent location in the Maynard area, where they can provide both the dinner and the food pantry, they are extremely grateful to both the Town of Maynard and the Sudbury United Methodist Church for providing them with temporary locations where they can continue to offer this critical service to our neighbors.

Announcing the BEEP program

Tdowntown-aerial-2013A-GPR-6353he Economic Development Committee and the Municipal Services Department are pleased to announce the Business Environment Enhancement Program (BEEP).

  • Does your business need a facelift?
  • Do you have a great idea for downtown Maynard?
  • Would you like to make a positive change in Maynard?

If so, check out BEEP, the Business Environment Enhancement Program.

Funds are available now for eligible projects.  BEEP provides funding for efforts conducive to enhancing Maynard’s business environment. Proposed projects/initiatives may include but are not limited to: aesthetic improvements, investment in infrastructure and promotional efforts. Recipients of funds may include business owners, boards/committees, community groups or property owners.

For more info about BEEP, contact Bill Nemser at or 978-897-1302.   You can also download this flyer and spread the word about BEEP.

MPD: Beware of IRS Phone and Email Scams

Police Chief Mark Dubois would like to warn residents about an ongoing IRS scam in the community and advise them to never respond to threats.

The Maynard Police Department received multiple reports this morning from residents stating an “agent” from IRS called and informed them they owe money and must pay it immediately through a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. The “agent” tells the victim that if they do not cooperate, they will be arrested, deported, or their business license or driver’s license would be suspended. The caller often intimidates the victim with hostility and insulting statements.

“These callers are professional scammers and will say anything to appear legitimate. Do not act under pressure. Instead, call police immediately after receiving a call to report the issue,” Chief Dubois said. “We do not want to see anyone become a victim of this fraudulence.”

If a victim gives away a pre-paid debit card number or makes a wire transfer, the money is gone and lost forever. There is usually no way to recover those funds.

“If someone calls unexpectedly claiming to be from the IRS with aggressive threats if you don’t pay immediately, it’s a scam artist calling,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in a statement on the issue. “The first IRS contact with taxpayers is usually through the mail. Taxpayers have rights, and this is not how we do business.”

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MPD Receives Prestigious State Certification Status

mpd-certification-2015Police Chief Mark Dubois and Town Administrator Kevin Sweet are pleased to announce that the Maynard Police Department has achieved State Certification from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission (MPAC) at an awards ceremony on Thursday, June 4 at the Connors Center in Dover.

Certification is a self-initiated evaluation process by which police departments strive to meet and maintain the highest standards of law enforcement, and is considered the best measure of a police department against the established best practices around the country and region.

“Receiving Certification acknowledges the Maynard Police Department is in line with the highest possible standards of law enforcement,” Chief Dubois said. “I am incredibly proud of our entire department and all of the hard work that has gone into this process, we are now one step closer to receiving the Commission’s highest award of Accreditation.”

Chief Dubois also singled out Lt. Michael Noble, the department’s Accreditation Manager.

“Lt. Noble did an incredible job,” Dubois said. “I am very proud of him, and he should be very proud of the results we saw this week.”

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Senior Citizen Emergency Database Program

The Town of Maynard Public Safety Communications Department (Police and Fire Dispatch) has initiated a new program to assist seniors living in the Town of Maynard.  Having seniors in our community that do not have family or friends checking up on them regularly has led the public safety department to develop a “Senior Citizen Emergency Database Program”.

This program allows the public safety communications department to document in a computer database the names of senior citizens, where they reside, and important contact information. In addition, information concerning current medications and potential special needs during an unusual inclement weather event or natural disaster will be on file.

Visit the Maynard Police Department website to learn more about (and sign up for) this program.

Notice for Veterans and Widows

uncle-samMaynard’s Veterans’ Services Officer would like you to know that if you are an unmarried veteran, or un-remarried widow or widower of a veteran there may be state services that apply to you.


IF: You are an unmarried veteran, or un-remarried widow or widower of a veteran with an income of less than $1,951.00 per month and combined assets of less than $5000.00 (with no whole life insurance policy;)

OR: You are a married veteran, or are married to a veteran, and your combined household income is less than $2,585.00 per month, with combined household assets of less than $9800.00 (with no whole life insurance policy.)

You may also be entitled to FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE*

IF: You are an unmarried senior citizen veteran, or un-remarried widow or widower of a veteran, with a monthly income less than $1,632.00 and combined assets less than $5000.00 (with no whole life insurance policy;)

OR: You are a married senior citizen veteran with a combined household income of less than $2155.00 per month and combined household assets of less than $9800.00 (with no whole life insurance policy.)

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Town Dedicates “POW/MIA Chair” on Veterans’ Day

2014B-032-0624On November 11th, Veterans Day, the town dedicated a chair in the memory of those in the armed services who have not returned from battle.  There are two chairs. One holds a place of honor in the foyer of Town Hall.  The other will travel to events such as the Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day observences. Each chair has the following inscription:

You Are Not Forgotten

Since World War I more than 91,000 Servicemen are unaccounted for.

This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women and to the sacrifices each made serving this country.

Rolling Thunder
Chapter 1
Maynard Massachusetts

Dedicated November 2014

We are all thankful.

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