Senior Citizen Emergency Database Program

The Town of Maynard Public Safety Communications Department (Police and Fire Dispatch) has initiated a new program to assist seniors living in the Town of Maynard.  Having seniors in our community that do not have family or friends checking up on them regularly has led the public safety department to develop a “Senior Citizen Emergency Database Program”.

This program allows the public safety communications department to document in a computer database the names of senior citizens, where they reside, and important contact information. In addition, information concerning current medications and potential special needs during an unusual inclement weather event or natural disaster will be on file.

Visit the Maynard Police Department website to learn more about (and sign up for) this program.

Notice for Veterans and Widows

uncle-samMaynard’s Veterans’ Services Officer would like you to know that if you are an unmarried veteran, or un-remarried widow or widower of a veteran there may be state services that apply to you.


IF: You are an unmarried veteran, or un-remarried widow or widower of a veteran with an income of less than $1,951.00 per month and combined assets of less than $5000.00 (with no whole life insurance policy;)

OR: You are a married veteran, or are married to a veteran, and your combined household income is less than $2,585.00 per month, with combined household assets of less than $9800.00 (with no whole life insurance policy.)

You may also be entitled to FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE*

IF: You are an unmarried senior citizen veteran, or un-remarried widow or widower of a veteran, with a monthly income less than $1,632.00 and combined assets less than $5000.00 (with no whole life insurance policy;)

OR: You are a married senior citizen veteran with a combined household income of less than $2155.00 per month and combined household assets of less than $9800.00 (with no whole life insurance policy.)

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Town Dedicates “POW/MIA Chair” on Veterans’ Day

2014B-032-0624On November 11th, Veterans Day, the town dedicated a chair in the memory of those in the armed services who have not returned from battle.  There are two chairs. One holds a place of honor in the foyer of Town Hall.  The other will travel to events such as the Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day observences. Each chair has the following inscription:

You Are Not Forgotten

Since World War I more than 91,000 Servicemen are unaccounted for.

This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women and to the sacrifices each made serving this country.

Rolling Thunder
Chapter 1
Maynard Massachusetts

Dedicated November 2014

We are all thankful.

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Our Electronic Permitting Portal is open!

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet is excited to announce that the Office of Municipal Services (OMS) has launched an electronic permitting portal which will help residents, developers, and businesses apply for and receive permits more efficiently.

The Office of Municipal Services manages and operates the planning, economic development and regulatory service functions of the Town. With all of these responsibilities, efficiency, ease and organization are important, all of which improved with the electronic permitting portal.

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Maynard Fire Department Recognitions


At the September 16th Board of Selectmen meeting, the town recognized members of the Maynard Fire Department for their service and actions for the community, including firefighter Gerry Byrne, who has retired from the department after 39 years of service to Maynard.  Chief Anthony Stowers awarded certificates and pins to individuals and teams in front of town officials, family members, State Rep. Kate Hogan, and Massachusetts State Fire Marshall Stephen Coan.

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MFD Retiring Hard-Wired Street Pull Stations

It’s the end of a era…mfd-pull-box

Fire Chief Anthony Stowers announces that the Maynard Fire Department is beginning to remove hard-wired street boxes in town, as part of its process of modernizing its fire notification system.

The venerable old street boxes were manufactured by The Gamewell Co. of Newton, and have been in service since the 1800s. They rely on a hard-wired telegraph system that sends a numerical code to the dispatch center, corresponding with its location, when someone pulls the handle.

The system requires extensive upkeep and costly repairs, and in today’s day and age of cell phones, the boxes are not being used as much as they were in years past.

The boxes will soon be replaced by radio boxes, which are less costly and require less maintenance. The radio boxes work much the same way cell phones operate, and they are able to relay more information, much quicker.

“The street boxes served our department well over many decades, but times have changed,” Chief Stowers said. “New technology will allow us to receive vital information quicker with much lower maintenance costs.”

Crews are starting at Mockingbird Lane and will continue through town until every box is removed and upgraded. The total upgrade process is expected to take up to two years.

Glenwood Cemetery Burial Lots Policy Change

Please be advised that the Board of Selectmen voted at a recent meeting to change the policy of pre-sale of burial lots at the Glenwood Cemetery. Effective immediately the sale of cremation, single lots and double lots are available to all Maynard Residents.

Any interested residents, please contact the Department of Public Works, Cemetery Division at 978-897-1317 or by e-mail

New Town Government News Portal

Town Administrator Kevin Sweet is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new online news portal for town government! will provide news, information, downloadable resources and an events calendar for residents, visitors, and business owners in Maynard.

“I wanted to create a website and blog that will provide news and updates on what’s happening every day in Maynard and how town government is working to make life better, every day,” Town Administrator Sweet said. “I hope people will find it useful and informative.”

The easy-to-read website contains:

  • A news blog
  • Links to Maynard social media sites
  • Information and photos of town officials
  • A resources page that will feature downloadable forms and important documents
  • A place to sign up for the Town Administrator’s email newsletter
  • A visual, colorful events calendar, containing information about meetings, town-wide events, and fun things happening in Maynard.

The website was designed by John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC and was built using the popular Genesis Framework for the WordPress website platform. It features a modern, HTML 5 “Responsive Design” that works equally well on computer, tablet, and smartphone screens.