129 Parker Street Development Project

The former Digital Equipment Corporation complex at 129 Parker Street is being developed by Capital Group Properties under the working name “The Shoppes at Maynard Crossing”. This area is a repository of information about the project’s interactions with town government (various committees and departments).


Current Status

Since the January 8, 2014 129 Parker Street Ad Hoc Committee (129AHC) meeting, the Committee has been meeting more or less weekly (weather/school vacations aside). After the January 8th 129AHC Meeting, the Committee has been focusing their review on the Option 2B Plan and an updated version has been provided by the Developer, Capital Group Properties, which is available for download below.

On March 12, 2014, the 129AHC has completed its deliberations and created a set of recommendations that have been forwarded to the Board of Selectmen.  These recommendations will be reviewed by the Selectmen at their meeting on March 18th.  The recommendations report is available for download below.


What’s Here

The project is still ongoing and we will continue to update the page as the project continues.  The town continues to receive periodic erosion control reports from the site and they are posted below.  Any other reports relevant to the project will also be posted here (none at this time).  A new round of development planning started in July 2013 including a series of visioning sessions. An ad hoc committee was formed in November 2013.  New concept plans were reviewed by the committee in December 2013.

The Visioning Sessions represented a new start for the project and so all information gathered prior to that time has been moved to a project archive page.   You can still view it for historical context.


Upcoming Meetings / Items of Note

  • The 129 Parker Street Project is on the agenda for the 1-Apr meeting of the Board of Selectmen.  The Planning Board will also attend this meeting.
  • The 129 Parker Street Ad Hoc Committee is on the agenda for the March 18th Board of Selectmen meeting.  The recommendations of the committee will be presented at that time.  (See the “Current Status” above for more details.)

The Ad Hoc Committee

In November 2013 the Board of Selectmen formed an ad hoc committee regarding the future of the 129 Parker Street project.  The Committee completed its objectives on March 12, 2014.   The findings and minutes of the committee are available below.  For archival information on the committee please visit the committee page.

Ad Hoc Committee Findings

As of March 12, 2014 the Committee has completed its work and it has released the following report, which will be provided to the Board of Selectmen at their March 18th meeting:

Recommendations Report (12-Mar-2014)

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Minutes




Site Inspection and Erosion Control Reports

These are the site inspection and erosion control reports submitted on behalf of Capital Group Properties in accordance with the approved SWPPP (EPA Tracking MAR12AI87) and the Maynard Stormwater Bylaw Permit:


Visioning Sessions (2013)

Two visioning sessions for the 129 Parker Street property were held on August 29th and September 26th, 2013.


Read a memo with a summary of the workshops from facilitator Angus Jennings. It outlines the next steps in the 129 Parker Street Redevelopment Effort now that we have finished the two Visioning Workshops.  The subject of this memo will be discussed at the 1-Oct-2013 Board of Selectmen meeting.

You can download the slides from the August 29, 2013 Planning Workshop here  or the workshop on September 26, 2013 here (they are also available in the Resources section below).   Also available are the keypad polling results from the September 26th meeting.

17-Oct-2013: The Summary Report  is intended to summarize the process, outcomes and recommended next steps toward arriving at an agreed plan for property reuse and redevelopment at 129 Parker Street .  Download the Summary Report here.


Past Meetings / Presentations / Items of Note

The following is a record of past meetings and events for this project.  It is here so you can see how various committees have reviewed and responded to the proposals and any Town Meeting articles that arise from it.

(Note: Information on meetings and other activities related to earlier project proposals can be found on the project historical archive page.)