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129 Parker Street Development Project

The former Digital Equipment Corporation complex at 129 Parker Street is being developed by  Capital Group Properties under the working name “The Shoppes at Maynard Crossing.”

Zoning districts control property development and all zoning district rules and regulations are found in the Town’s Zoning Bylaws.  This property has a zoning designation of “Neighborhood Business Overlay District” (NBOD). At the Special Town Meeting of January 11, 2016 the Town approved amendments to the NBOD.   One of the key changes proposed was for residential development. The NBOD allows development consisting of 180 one and two bedroom units. Of up to 175 units, 17 will be designated as “affordable”.  Any units over 175 must be “affordable”.

The NBOD and a development agreement (a binding agreement between the Town and a developer) dictate what can be built on the site and controls most details).

Hawthorne Development made a presentation for “Maynard Retirement Residence” (presentation below under “Recent Presentations”).  They have indicated strong interest in the site.


Memorandum of Agreement

The Memorandum of Agreement (aka “development agreement”) has been negotiated between the Town and the Developer.  The development agreement must be executed before any further changes to the property are presented for vote. For updates please check this page regularly.

View the Memorandum of Agreement, final version 6-Sep-2016.


Concept Plan

On March 22, 2016, Capital Group Properties submitted an application for Concept Plan approval.  The Planning Board voted to recommend approval of the Concept Plan and Conceptual signage plan on June 28, 2016.

A Concept Plan and the Signage Plan must be approved by Town Meeting in order to go into effect.  The date for this is scheduled for October 5, 2016.

The Concept Plan is a basic layout of the site (it is not a Site Plan which contains precise site development information).  An application for Concept Plan must include:

  1. The area of land proposed to be developed.
  2. Topography of the land to be developed.
  3. The location of wetlands and water bodies.
  4. The location of existing roads and ways.
  5. The general location, size and shape of existing structures to be removed, and the
    general location, size and shape of existing structures to remain.
  6. The general location and size of all required buffer areas provided in compliance with Section
  7. The general location, general use and approximate size of all proposed new buildings including the proposed general use.
  8. Examples of amenities and design features to be included as part of the proposed development, including but not limited to, the proposed location, number, size, type, appearance and lighting for, on and off premises signs relating to and serving the proposed development.
  9. Illustrations of the general architecture of the proposed structures.
  10. A preliminary traffic impact analysis.
  11. A “Memorandum of Agreement” (see above section).

Concept Plan Documents



You can read the recommended Signage Concept Plan here.  (dated 11-Jul-2016)

The signage proposed for the project will require approval by Town Meeting (5-Oct).


Site Plan

If a Conceptual Plan is approved by a Town Meeting vote, an application for development may be requested by the developer.  One of the requirements for development is a Site Plan.   A Site Plan is detailed and must be generally consistent with the conceptual plan.  It must be approved by the Planning Board in a public hearing.  Most Site Plans require a “Special Permit” which is required for many uses within the NBOD.


Current Status

On March 22, 2016, Capital Group Properties submitted an application for Concept Plan approval. On June 28th, the Planning Board recommended approval of the Concept plan.  The next step is a vote by Town Meeting on Oct 5th.

As new information is available, we will update as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest!

Bill Nemser, Town Planner




Recent Presentations


Resources / Other Documents


Project Archives

Information about past Visioning Sessions (2013-2014) and the 129 Parker Ad Hoc Committee have been moved to a project archive page.   You can still view it for historical context.