Mill & Main Development Project

The Mill & Main development is the project being undertaken by Saracen Properties at the mill complex (formerly known as Clock Tower Place).

For much of fall 2015, the development team from Saracen Properties presented their “Phase 1” and “Phase 1A” plans for reinvigorating the campus to local community and business groups, regional planning organizations and state officials.

The Site Plan and Special Permit request for “Phase 1” and “Phase 1A” was approved by the Planning Board on November 10, 2015. This phase involves removal of buildings 10 and 2-annex to create a plaza space. It also involves construct a new entrances for Building 5, exterior renovations to Buildings 2, 12 and TBS, parking lot improvements/redesign and an ornamental feature of the garage. Plans and artistic renderings are also found below.  A copy of architectural renderings as well as additional presentations is available in the Documents section below.

The essence of the re-design involves developing a stronger connection between the campus and downtown. The current design is isolated from downtown by fences, walls and other impediments.  The reconfiguration will remove the physical barriers to not only create a natural pedestrian “flow” for pedestrians to circulate in the downtown area, but will also provide plazas, outside gathering spaces and access to the pond.  A mix of commercial uses is planned for Phase One.

At the Town Meeting of January 11, 2016, the Town approved the removal from the Town Zoning by-laws of minimum square footage is for retail, grocery store and restaurant uses (maximum size limitations will remain). This will allow smaller businesses to open on the campus (currently a restaurant must contain at least 5,000 square, retail uses must contain at least 10,000 square feet and a supermarket must contain at least 20,000 square feet.


Current Status


  • Mill and Main is requesting to make a modification to their approved site plan.  The Planning Board will make a determination of whether the changes are major or minor at their meeting of April 12, 2016. The applicant’ s request includes to the inner courtyard, addition of the threshold for access of emergency vehicles and pedestrians, changes to pedestrian access near building 3 and grading modifications/finalizations for areas of the project site.  (Submitted documents available here: Phase 1A Development Plan Modifications or in the Documents section below.)

If you have any questions please call town Planner Bill Nemser at 978-897-1302.


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