July 2012 Response Statistics

Type of Response Number of Calls
BLS Ambulance Run 44
Smoke Detector/CO Certificate 23
ALS Ambulance Run 19
Medical Assist 9
Lock Out 8
Mutual Aid Ambulance Call 5
Smoke Detector Activation, No Fire, Unintentional 4
EMS Rescue Call, No Injury/Illness 4
Motor Vehicle Accident 4
CO Detector Activation due to Malfunction 3
Dispatched and Cancelled Enroute 3
Fuel Oil Tank Removal 3
Alarm System Sounded due to Malfunction 3
Unintentional Transmission of Alarm 2
Unauthorized Burning 2
Malicious, mischievous false call 2
Lifeline, Well Being Check 2
System Malfunction, Other 1
Natural Vegetation Fire, other 1
Inspection, Other 1
Carbon Monoxide Incident 1
Line Box Response 1
 Oil or Other Combustible Liquid Spill 1
Smoke Scare, Odor of Smoke 1
Fire Drill 1
Gas Leak (Natural Gas or LPG) 1
Investigation of a Potential Hazard 1
Smoke Detector Activation due to Malfunction 1
Good Intent Call 1
Cooking Fire confined to Container 1