Maynard Fire Releases November 2012 Run Statistics

Type of Response Number of Calls
BLS Ambulance Run 27
ALS Ambulance Run 21
Smoke Detector/CO Certificate 16
Lifeline/Well Being Check, No Injury 5
Motor Vehicle Accident 4
Smoke Detector Activation, No Fire 4
Gas Leak (Natural Gas or LPG) 2
CO Detector activation due to Malfunction 2
Smoke Detector Activation due to Malfunction 2
Carbon Monoxide Incident 2
Public Service 2
Smoke Scare/Odor of Smoke 2
EMS Rescue Call, No Injury/Illness 2
Wire Down 2
Lock Out 2
Mutual Aid to the Fire 2
Dispatched and Cancelled Enroute 2
Malicious, Mischievous False Call 1
Fire Alarm/Suppression System 1
Fuel Burner/Boiler Malfunction 1
Citizen Complaint 1
Motor Vehicle Accident with No Injury 1
 Reg. Fire Investigation Team Response 1
Unauthorized Burning 1
Medical Assist 1
Detector Activation, No Fire-Unintentional 1
Public Service Assistance 1
Authorized Controlled Burning 1
Brush or Brush and Grass Mixture 1
Chimney or Flue Fire 1
Chemical Hazard, no spill or leak 1