Brown Water Notification

Please be advised that the Town DPW has received several notifications that some residents are reporting slightly brown tinted water in their homes.

The Town Water Department continually tests their water on a daily basis and has coordinated the test results with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

DEP concurs with the Town that the Test results are within acceptable parameters for potable water and that the Town Drinking water is safe for public use and consumption.

The Town is working to further optimize the filtration process at the treatment facilities.

Message from Eversource regarding high heat and electricity demand

We recommend that all Maynard residents and businesses read the following message from Eversource regarding expected high heat and increased electricity demand:

With sweltering heat and high humidity across the region over the next several days, air conditioners and fans are expected to be working overtime. Though high electricity usage during a heat wave can put a strain on the electric system, Eversource is prepared to meet that increased demand and its crews are ready to respond to any outages or issues that arise.

“We prepare year-round to meet the increased demand and to ensure that our system is ready tohandle additional electricity needs that come with a heat wave,” said Eversource President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom. “This includes conducting detailed inspections of our electric system in advance of the extreme heat to detect and resolve any issues ahead of time so that our customers have the energy they need for every moment of their lives, even in the face of potentially record- breaking heat.”

As the heat wave approaches, Eversource offers these common-sense hot weather tips to help customers stay comfortable, and save energy and money on their electric bills during this period of high demand:

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Legal Notice: Rockland Ave Easement Hearing – Aug 6th

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 6:30PM, at Town Hall, Room 201 the Maynard Board of Selectmen will hold a Taking Hearing with respect to Rockland Avenue, as it is shown on a plan entitled “Plan of Land in Maynard, Massachusetts, Prepared for Sweeney & Sons, Inc. 78 Rockland Ave., Maynard, MA 01760”, prepared by Acton Survey and Engineering, and dated August 10, 1999, recorded in the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds as Plan 1009 of 2000. The purpose of the hearing will be to adopt an Order of Taking of an easement in Rockland Avenue for a public way.

Introducing the Maynard Business Guide

The Town of Maynard has created this Business Guide to help navigate municipal procedures – including permitting, licensing and zoning – in a simple, straight-forward format. It is part of a larger effort to simplify municipal processes and maintain a customer friendly environment within Town Hall.

The guide provides contact information and will help commercial customers, prospective businesses, and residents save time and money when interacting with Town Hall. Most information can also be found on the Town website. Additionally, Maynard’s Office of Municipal Services staff is available to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

We understand the permitting process can appear cumbersome, but in addition to ensuring both regulatory compliance and the health and safety of the public, local permitting creates a healthy business environment. If you succeed, Maynard succeeds and the Town wants to do everything it can to ensure your business is a success!

Click here to download the Maynard Business

Town Clerk Office Temporarily Limiting Services

The Town Clerk’s office is operating with limited services and hours in the coming weeks due to unforeseen circumstances

The Town Clerk’s Office window will be open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 10:00amPlease check the Town Clerk Page regularly for updates on coverage, or contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 978-897-1300 or by sending an email to

We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate the public’s patience while we work to return to full service in this department. Please call the Town Administrator’s office at 978-897-1375 with any questions.

Special Town Meeting – October 28th

Please be advised that the Maynard Board of Selectmen, acting at their June 18, 2019 meeting voted:  “To set the date and time of a Special Town Meeting (STM) as 7:00 PM on Monday, October 28, 2019, and to designate the Fowler School Auditorium at 3 Tiger Drive as the location for this Special Town Meeting.”  Accordingly, the deadline for submittal of Citizens Petition Warrant Articles to the Board of Selectmen is 12:00 noon Friday, September 13, 2019.

Citizen’s petition must be submitted with the question presented at the top of each side of the signature page. They must be submitted to the Town Clerks Office and certified by the Town Clerk in order to be included on the warrant.

STM Warrant will be available at Town Hall on October 11, 2019, as well as here on the Town Meeting page.

Town Seeks Volunteers for Capital Planning Committee

The Town Administrator’s Office is seeking volunteers to be considered for an appointment by the Board of Selectmen to the town’s official Capital Planning Committee.

The committee is meant to help the town assess its needs and fiscal capabilities regarding capital planning. Per Town By-Laws, the committee is composed of five (5) members. They would work closely with the Town Administrator’s Office, the Finance Director, and all town departments, and meet regularly to develop a capital improvement plan to submit as part of the overall town budget.

For more information on the tasks of the committee, please see the Town Charter’s Section 6-7.

For questions, please contact the Town Administrator’s Office:

Water Quality: Don’t Blow It!

For the next part of the Town’s stormwater public education initiative, Maynard officials are reminding residents to avoid blowing yard waste like grass clippings and leaf litter into the streets, storm drains, wetlands, and other water bodies.

As the weather gets warmer and more people are working in their yards, it is important to understand the stormwater problems associated with yard work. “If you blow or sweep your grass clippings or leaf litter into the street, it eventually gets into our streams, wetlands, and even the Assabet River” says Kaitlin Young, Maynard’s Conservation Agent and Assistant Town Planner. “This can have a devastating effect on water quality and the overall ecosystem, and can even cause flooding issues.”

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