Building Permit Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2013

Type of PermitFee
Residential Construction$12 per $1,000 Value
New Buildings, Additions and Alterations
$60 minimum
Commercial / Industrial / Multi-Family$14 per $1,000 Value
New Buildings, Additions and Alterations
$110 Minimum 
Miscellaneous Flat Fees
Swimming Pools – In Ground
Swimming Pools – Above Ground
Wood Stove
Change of Use
Replacement of Lost Permit Card
Permit Renewal
Re-Inspection Fee
Written Zoning Opinions

Property Owners
No charge
Non-owners and Prospective
Signs$100 each
Residential/Commercial < 300 square feet
Residential > 300 square feet
Commercial > 300 square feet
Annual Certificate of Inspection$40

Work started without a permit or permission |from the Building Commissioner will be charged A Double Fee.

Value of the proposed work includes carpentry, electrical, plumbing, gas and HVAC work. The value of the work, including labor and materials is to be based on fair market value. If the Building Commissioner determines that the proposed work is not based on the fair market value, the Commissioner will calculate the fair market value of the work using the most recent edition of the RS Means Catalog.