DPW: Sidewalk and Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

The Town of Maynard has contracted with McIver Bros. Construction to reconstruct sidewalks and provide new pedestrian crossing equipment on Summer Street in the vicinity of the Fine Arts Theater and at the intersection of Summer Street, Main Street and Waltham Street.

Sidewalk reconstruction efforts will begin between September 16-30, 2019 and will continue for about 8 weeks.  Construction activities will include reconstruction of existing sidewalks and updating of pedestrian equipment at the locations indicated above.  All roads will remain open, but at times may be subject to alternating one-way traffic. Temporary pedestrian detours may be employed in order to reconstruct the existing sidewalks. Police Details will be deployed.

We will make every effort to notify residents of any substantial schedule changes.  If you have any questions please contact the Maynard DPW at 978-897-1317 or dpw@townofmaynard.net.