DPW: Glenwood Cemetery Paving Program

The Town of Maynard has contracted with P.J. Keating Company to repave the majority of the roadways in the upper section of the Glenwood Cemetery (the section adjacent to Parker Street) in the fall of 2019. The work will consist of reclamation of the existing pavement surfaces, regrading and applying new pavement to the surfaces of the roadways.

Roadway reconstruction efforts will begin mid to late October 2019 and will continue for about 4 weeks.  Construction activities will include pavement reclamation and paving of the existing roadways.  Access to this section of the cemetery may be limited during certain times of the day while construction operations are occurring.

We will make every effort to notify residents of any substantial schedule changes.  If you have any questions please contact the Maynard DPW at 978-897-1317 or dpw@townofmaynard.net.