DPW Procedural Changes due to COVID-19

The Department of Public Works would like residents to know the procedural changes that the department has implemented to provide safe working conditions for both our staff and residents through the Town of Maynard in regards to the current COVID-19 situation affecting all.

We ask that all residents respect the safety of public employees and do not approach them while working, this will provide our employees a safe distance regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This includes our solid waste vendor, E.L Harvey. If residents have concerns, we ask that they contact the department by phone 978-897-1317 or through email at dpw@townofmaynard.net

During this time when more and more residents will be staying indoor and confined to their houses, we would like to remind all residents to dispose of cleaning wipes, and baby wipes accordingly. The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through human effluent “sewage”. Our staff will have to deal with issues if residents start flushing restricted materials down the drain. Please be considerate of all public servants in this time, it is vital to continue to operate essential functions such as sanitation and water/sewer treatment.

Help Prevent Sewer Clogs and Back Ups

Disposable does not mean flushablePlease read more about how to prevent sewer clogs on the DPW Water & Sewer page.

The Maynard Water and Sewer Division encourages you to minimize the use of disposable wipes and to discard used wipes in the trash rather than flushing them.