DPW: Solid Waste / Recycling Service Update

Service Update – Effective December 1, 2022

Bulk Item pick-up will No Longer be collected curbside by E.L. Harvey under the towns pay as you throw service.  Residents can coordinate directly with private haulers and companies for bulk item removal needs, examples… Use: Google, local businesses in our area, bagsters, Waste Management or other dumpster rentals.

Other Changes – Effective November 1, 2022

The DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION has issued an order adding Mattresses and Textiles to the list of materials banned from disposal or transport in the solid waste stream in Massachusetts.

MATTRESSES:  Mattresses and box springs are made up of almost entirely recyclable materials including metal, wood, textile, and polyurethane foam.  They are difficult to manage at landfills and incinerators because they are bulky, hard to compact and can get caught in incinerator processing equipment.  That is why most facilities currently apply surcharges to the disposal of these items.

Maynard residents will have the ability to use recycle center at the drop off location at the Highway Garage, 38 Winter Street, during our Recycle Center Saturdays.  Cost will be $40 per item, Mattress and or Box spring. Residents will also have the ability to have curbside pickup services by Tough Stuff Recycling. 

The town has also contracted with Tough Stuff Recycling to have curbside pickup services by contacting directly with Tough Stuff Recycling at 1-800-273-4137 or by going to their website https://toughstuffrecycling.com/ .  The cost for each item, Mattress and or Box spring will be $50.00.

TEXTILES:  CMRK, Inc has been contracted for clothing, textile and shoe recovery services.  There are recovery bins located outside the gate of the Highway Garage located at 38 Winter Street. These bins are accessible 24/7. For additional information, please visit their website https://www.cmrkne.com/