ArtSpace Maynard / 61-63 Summer St Lease Update

The Board of Directors for ArtSpace Maynard has informed the town that they are no longer interested in pursuing a long-term lease of 61-63 Summer Street. The Select Board recognizes the value of ArtSpace Maynard to the cultural identity of Maynard through the contributions from the tenants of ArtSpace Maynard. The Select Board is open to continuing negotiations towards a lease agreement with ArtSpace Maynard for continued occupancy of 61-63 Summer Street that reflects the scope outlined in the issued Request for Proposals (RFP). If no new lease agreement commences, an advisory body may be formed to offer recommendations for how the property may be re-used to the benefit of the town of Maynard. The Select Board thanks the Board of Directors of ArtSpace Maynard for its hard work in supporting the artist community in Maynard and regionally.