Maynard Commuter Shuttle

Effective December 4th, 2023, the Maynard Commuter Shuttle service will be paused. No service will be available until further notice. Further updates and announcements will be posted here. For more information, please contact

The Town of Maynard is sponsoring a commuter shuttle program.

The shuttle runs between downtown Maynard and the South Acton Commuter Rail station with stops at:

  • Mill and Main Sudbury Street Lot
  • Mill and Main Main Lot Building 1
  • Downtown Maynard (AM Shuttle) / Maynard Public Library (PM Shuttle)
  • Maynard Golf Course

For more information on the shuttle, please email Amy Loveless.

Shuttle Fees

Fares for the commuter shuttle are $2 each way and van drivers will not take cash on the shuttles. Passes are available at our secure e-pay site.

Once you get to the e-pay site:

  1. Enter your choices, make a purchase, and you are done.
  2. Your driver will provide you with your purchased pass on your next trip.

Residents of Maynard are encouraged to use this regional transportation program to get to a workplace along the Boston - Fitchburg rail line. Employees of companies along the route may also enjoy taking public transit to and from their workplace.

Shuttle Schedule (Monday through Friday Only)

Download the Shuttle Schedule (as of October 2 2023) (PDF)

All times approximate. Arriving at South Acton Commuter Rail to coincide with inbound and outbound trains.

Maynard Shuttle Map

Morning Schedule (Tuesday - Friday)*

Shuttle #CV1
Shuttle #CV2
Mill & Main Sudbury Lot
Mill & Main Main Lot Building 1
5:42AM 6:42AM
Downtown Maynard
5:45AM 6:45AM
Maynard Golf Course
5:50AM 6:50AM
Inbound Train
6:02AM #402
7:07AM #482
Outbound Train
6:28AM #401
7:08AM #403
* Currently no Monday morning shuttle service.

Evening Schedule

  Shuttle #CV5
Shuttle #CV6
Shuttle #CV7
Mill & Main Bldg. 5
4:45PM 5:30PM 6:30PM
Mill & Main Bldg. 1
4:47PM 5:32PM
Maynard Library
4:50PM 5:35PM 6:35PM
Inbound Train
5:17PM #424
5:54PM #426
6:54PM #428
Outbound Train
5:14PM #423
6:20PM #425
7:18PM #427

(Evening shuttle drops off at morning pickup locations based on rider need.)