Alcohol Licenses

Who needs an Alcohol License?

Any business that sells, stores, distributes, serves or delivers alcohol must have an alcoholic beverage license. 

Where and how do I get an Alcohol License?

Alcoholic beverage licenses must be approved by the Select Board (SB) as well as the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC). The SB, acting as the local licensing board issues the license, according to the following process: 

  1. Choose and complete the appropriate online application on the ABCC’s website (
  2. Submit the application to the SB. The application will be posted as an agenda item for the SB.
  3. Appear before the SB at the appropriate time, date, and location.
  4. The SB will review your application and determine whether to approve it at the local level.
  5. Upon approval, the SB Office will forward the application to the ABCC for its approval. Once approved by the ABCC, the SB will issue you the license. 

Note: There are a limited number of Alcohol Licenses that can be issued in Maynard – check with the Select Board Office for availability.  

Do I need a Special Permit?

The Planning Board may also require a Special Permit depending on the particular use you are requesting. See Special Permits. 

Business Certificate

See Business Certificates.

Further information

For further information call the SB office at 978-897-1351 or see Select Board.