Opening a Home-Based Business

What type of business can I operate from my home?

There are several types of Home Occupations/Businesses. Some are “as-of-right” (this means no special permission is required) and some require a Special Permit, which requires a public hearing. 

Home Occupations/Businesses must not change the residential character of the premises and be incidental to its primary use as a residence. When business activity expands to a level that no longer conforms to the home occupation criteria or Special Permit, the homeowner will be required to find a commercial site. A Home Occupation can only be conducted by the resident occupant. 

What is a Customary Home Occupation?

A “customary” home occupation (work of any lawful profession) is permitted in a dwelling located in any residential district and is allowed as-of-right. The Office of Municipal Services will help you determine if your business fits in this category. A good rule of thumb is that you will not be considered a customary home occupation if: 

  • Customers or clients come to the premise.
  • There are employees (other than residents of the dwelling).
  • Your business may cause disturbances to the surrounding neighborhood (noise, odors, traffic etc.). 

What if I am not considered a Customary Home Occupation?

There are certain occupations/businesses that may be authorized by Special Permit:

  • Hairdressing (use of a room in a dwelling for hairdressing).
  • Certain Sales (the sale of gift novelties and antiques).
  • Real Estate Office (the business cannot be associated with any other real estate office).
  • Trade Shop (a resident of the premises may use the building in connection with their trade).

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Day Care

Business Certificate

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Contact the Fire Department 

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Further information

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