Building Permits

What is a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is an official approval issued by the Town to allow you or your contractor to proceed with construction or remodeling on your property. In general, Building Permits assure compliance with relevant building codes and are intended to ensure public health, safety and welfare. 

When do I need a Building Permit?

Building Permits are required to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, remove, and/or demolish a structure.  Work that increases the intensity of use or the lot coverage on a property also requires a Building Permit. If you are unsure of the need for a permit, contact the Office of Municipal Services. 

What if I want to demolish a building that is considered “Preferably Preserved” by the Historical Commission?

Maynard’s demolition delay bylaw puts a 12-month waiting period on a building owner’s request to demolish a building if the building is considered Preferably Preserved by the Historical Commission. The building owner instead would be encouraged to find a way to preserve, rehabilitate, or restore the building.

What Building Permits do I need?

To determine what permits are necessary, schedule an appointment with the Building Commissioner through the Office of Municipal Services.

Applying for a permit online

Building, electric, plumbing, and gas permits are available through Maynard’s online permit system on the Building and Inspections Division page of the Town website. 

Contact the Fire Department 

See Fire Department.

Further information

For further information call the Office of Municipal Services at 978-897-1302 or visit