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Get Ready for Town Hall Jack O’Lantern Nights – Oct 24-26th


Drop off a carved Jack o’ Lantern on Thursday, October 24th from 3:00 to 8:00 and we’ll add it to our display on the front lawn of Town Hall through Saturday night!

Flameless candles and plant markers will be provided for each Jack o’ Lantern (1 per person)

Participation ribbons will be distributed—come back on Saturday to see if you’ve won a special Selectmen’s Ribbon or the Staff Award Ribbon.


Display a carved Jack o’ Lantern in front of your place of business from Thursday, October 24th through Saturday the 26th! (flameless lighting preferred)

We are attempting to fill the Town Hall lawn this year, and hope you can help us extend the display into the downtown business area!

Help us provide a spectacular display of spooky creativity for everyone to enjoy!

Town Seeks Volunteers for Capital Planning Committee

The Town Administrator’s Office is seeking volunteers to be considered for an appointment by the Board of Selectmen to the town’s official Capital Planning Committee.

The committee is meant to help the town assess its needs and fiscal capabilities regarding capital planning. Per Town By-Laws, the committee is composed of five (5) members. They would work closely with the Town Administrator’s Office, the Finance Director, and all town departments, and meet regularly to develop a capital improvement plan to submit as part of the overall town budget.

For more information on the tasks of the committee, please see the Town Charter’s Section 6-7.

For questions, please contact the Town Administrator’s Office:

2020 Tax Classification Hearings – Nov 19th

As required by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 56, the Maynard Board of Selectmen will hold their annual fiscal year 2020 Tax Classification Hearings on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 7:20 PM in the Michael J. Gianotis meeting room (#201) at the Maynard Town Building.  The purpose of the hearing is to determine the percentages of the local tax levy to be borne by each class of real property. The public is welcome to attend.

Maynard Cultural Council Seeks Funding Proposals

Would an arts and culture grant help you or your organization? Consider applying for the Maynard Cultural Council Local Grant program. Proposals for community-oriented arts, humanities, and science programs are being accepted from now through October 15.

These grants can support a variety of projects and activities in Maynard — including exhibits, festivals, field trips, short-term artist residencies, performances, workshops, lectures, etc.

The Maynard Cultural Council is part of a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. The LCC Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, sciences and humanities every year. The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, which then allocates funds to each community.

This year, the Maynard Cultural Council will distribute a total of approximately $6,300 in grants, which will be divided into individual grants ranging from $50 to $1500, to support arts, humanities, and science programs benefiting the Maynard community. For more information on the Council and local guidance for this grant program, contact Jeff Swanberg at  Application forms and more information about this Local Cultural Council Program are available online at and at public applicant guidelines.aspx.

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Request for Volunteers: Fire Station Building Committee

The Board of Selectmen seek volunteers to work with the Maynard Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, Capital Planning Committee, and the community to explore and recommend an appropriate financing program for construction of a new Maynard Fire Station.

Click here for more information about this Committee.

For questions, please contact Town Administrator Greg Johnson at

To be considered for appointment, please submit a resume or short bio to Board of Selectmen Administrative Assistant Becky Mosca at

Request for Volunteers: Maynard Human Relations Committee

The Board of Selectmen is considering establishment of a Maynard Human Relations Committee and is seeking volunteers for appointment.

The purpose of the group is to promote human rights, personal dignity and positive relations between all residents and visitors to the Town of Maynard.

Click here more information about the Committee.

For questions, please contact Town Administrator Greg Johnson at

To be considered for appointment, please submit a resume or short bio to Board of Selectmen Administrative Assistant Becky Mosca at

Minimum Property Maintenance By-law Presentation – Sep 5th

A Public Meeting to Present Minimum Property Maintenance By-law to be considered at the October 28th Special Fall Town Meeting will be held on September 5th.

Maynard is planning its first “Minimum Property Maintenance” By-law for all commercial and industrial properties.  Come for a presentation of the new By-law and offer your comments at a public meeting hosted by the Economic Development Committee on Thursday September 5th, at 6:30 PM in Town Hall.

The effort is part of a multi-year plan largely designed by the Economic Development Committee (EDC) to gradually improve the aesthetics of downtown. Town Planner Bill Nemser pointed out that the initiative started out in 2015 with the popular “Business Environment Enhancement Program”, or BEEP grant.  “The Town has offered matching grants for a multitude of exterior improvements for our local business community.  The idea was to help our businesses with improvements that would boost the curb appeal”, said Nemser.  He noted that there are still BEEP funds available that can be applied for through Town Hall’s Office of Municipal Services.

“The proposed by-law was largely initiated by input from residents and businesses contacted through outreach, surveys and direct interaction with Town Hall. The net effect should improve the overall economic vitality of our community” continued Nemser.

The September 5th public meeting is to allow the community to know about the proposed by-law and how it will work. “The EDC has taken the gathering of input from a wide-range of sources very seriously and the resulting draft By-law reflects this”, said EDC Chair Jack MacKeen. “There has been a lot of effort and research invested in the creation of this by-law.  The EDC wants to ensure that Maynard is -and looks like- a wise investment for the future”, continued MacKeen.

The meeting is open to all and the public is encouraged to attend.

For additional information contact Town Planner Bill Nemser at 978-897-1302 or

Minimum Property Maintenance Bylaw Feedback Requested

The Town is completing its draft for the proposed Minimum Property Maintenance By-law to be considered by the Special Town Meeting of October 28th, 2019.

This proposed By-law, originated with the Maynard Economic Development Committee and was requested by various Town Boards, Committees, local businesses, property owners, residents, as well as Town staff. The intent is to provide the Town with tools to address the sub-standard physical condition of some commercial properties throughout Maynard.

The EDC is requesting public input on the proposed By-law. Also included for convenience is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which should be read before the draft text:

A public input session is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 29th at 6:30pm in the Board of Selectmen Meeting Room.

Because of our Special Town Meeting deadline, all feedback must be received by August 18th at 5:00pm. Please provide all feedback via email to

Special Town Meeting – October 28th

Please be advised that the Maynard Board of Selectmen, acting at their June 18, 2019 meeting voted:  “To set the date and time of a Special Town Meeting (STM) as 7:00 PM on Monday, October 28, 2019, and to designate the Fowler School Auditorium at 3 Tiger Drive as the location for this Special Town Meeting.”  Accordingly, the deadline for submittal of Citizens Petition Warrant Articles to the Board of Selectmen is 12:00 noon Friday, September 13, 2019.

Citizen’s petition must be submitted with the question presented at the top of each side of the signature page. They must be submitted to the Town Clerks Office and certified by the Town Clerk in order to be included on the warrant.

STM Warrant will be available at Town Hall on October 11, 2019, as well as here on the Town Meeting page.