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RFP: Lease of 61 Summer Street

The Town of Maynard is requesting proposals for a lease, with a term of 10 years and the option of 2 extensions of 5 year terms, of the Town owned property at the former “Fowler Middle School” building and surrounding land, 61 Summer St, Maynard, MA 01754. Proposals are due by 9:00 am on Monday, June 27, 2022, to the Town Administrator’s Office, 195 Main St, Maynard MA 01754.    Click here for the detailed Request for Proposal.

UPDATED on 17-Jun-2022: Click here for Addendum 1 of the RFP.  (This is required for submittal.)

Parties in receipt of and interested in this RFP must submit contact information, including name, representing firm, mailing address, phone number and email address, to:

Town Administrator’s Office
195 Main Street, Maynard MA 01754