Water and Sewer

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for ensuring that the town’s water supply meets or exceeds all EPA and DEP guidelines for safe drinking water and that all wastewater is collected and delivered to the wastewater treatment plant.

The town uses approximately 0.86 Million Gallons of water each day.  In 2016 the town pumped 284 Million Gallons through our water treatment facilities (average daily use 0.8 million gallons)

Rules and regulations regarding the use of the town’s water and sewer facilities are available in the Resources section below.


Water & Sewer Inquiries

  • Billing Issues
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Final Read Request
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Tel: 978-897-1317  (available during normal Town Hall business hours)
Email: dpw@townofmaynard.net

Water/Sewer Bills Notice

Effective April 1, 2014 the water/sewer bills will not be mailed with your tax bills. They will continue to be mailed four times a year. If you don’t receive a bill or you think there may be an error, please contact our office and we will take appropriate action to correct the issues.

Water & Sewer Emergencies

For any emergencies please call 978-897-1317 during normal business hours or Police after hours at 978-897-1011.


Abatements and Senior Discounts

Please visit the Water & Sewer Discounts page for details on qualifying for a Senior Discount.

If you wish to apply for an abatement you can download the form below or contact the DPW office:


Water/Sewer Rates

The Maynard Board of Selectmen held a Public Hearing on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 6:30 P.M. in Room 201 of the Maynard Town Building for the purposes of amending the Town Water and Sewer Rates.  The new water and sewer rates are as follows:

Water ConsumptionRateSewer UseRate
Base Charge **$20.00Base Charge **$50.00
0 – 500 CF$2.701 – 500 CF$5.50
501 – 1000 CF$6.84501 – 2500 CF$10.60
1001 – 2500 CF$7.35
Over 2500 CF$8.38Over 2500 CF$13.00
Water ConsumptionRateSewer UseRate
Base Charge **$30.00Base Charge **$73.75
0 – 500 CF$3.781 – 500 CF$7.70
501 – 1000 CF$9.58501 – 2500 CF$14.84
1001 – 2500 CF$10.29
Over 2500 CF$11.73Over 2500 CF$18.20

** Base Charge includes 0 CF (cubic feet)
NOTE: Terminology amended from original Legal Notice which used “Minimum Charge” (3-Jan-2018)

These rates shall become effective with the billing cycle of December 1, 2017.  For additional information please call the Maynard Department of Public Works at 978-897-1317.


Droughts and Water Restrictions

Drought conditions and other factors may require water conservation restrictions to be enacted.   Visit our Water Restrictions page to learn about restrictions and the current status of our water supply.


Help Prevent Sewer Clogs and Back Ups

A baby wipe after it has been flushed, gone through the collection system, and pulled from a pump station.Disposable does not mean flushable.  Cleaning wipes, baby wipes, and other moist towelettes that are described as ‘flushable’ do not dissolve, but they do accumulate in our sewer system causing clogs and back ups.

The Maynard Water and Sewer Division encourages you to minimize the use of disposable wipes and to discard used wipes in the trash rather than flushing them.

Don't flush: Disposable Wipes, Dental Floss, Paper Towels, Feminine Products, Cotton Balls, Bandages, Syringes or Needles, Gum Do Flush: Toilet Paper, Human Waste, Pet Waste

For more information please download this short information packet.


Hydrant Flushing

Periodically the DPW will flush fire hydrants town-wide.  This process helps maintain water quality and clarity by removing sediments in the system.  It also provides information about flows and pressures which help with maintenance.

Learn more about our Hydrant Flushing and Maintenance program.


Water Quality Report

The Maynard Water Department is committed to providing our customers with water that meets or surpasses all state and federal drinking water standards. The Maynard water system is a registered public water supply with ID#2174000. To ensure that we continue to deliver this quality product, the Water Division continues to make investments in water quality monitoring, water source protection, water mains, and the water treatment plants. We are pleased to report the results of our 2018 water testing to inform you about your drinking water. We will be providing the public a report each year with information about annual water quality.

Download the 2018 Water Quality Report.

Past Reports:


Water Resources Report

Click here for information on the 2011 Water Resources Report.



[Water Drop Photo by D Sharon Pruitt]