Application to Serve on a Committee, Board or Commission

Thank you for your interest in serving your community by becoming a member of a town committee, board or commission.   All committee/board/commission members are appointed officialsAn appointed official is hereby defined as any person appointed to any board, commission, committee, or authority.

Application Process

The town clerk maintains a list of all interested voters from which appointments of town officials are made. Interested voters should fill in the electronic Application Form below. Be sure to read the Conflict of Interest Law.


Any vacancy occurring in a board, commission or committee shall be filled by the appointing authority in accordance with the General Laws. Any vacancy occurring in a commission, or committee appointed by the Town Manager or Moderator shall be filled for the unexpired term by the appointing authority.


Application Form

    * Are you a registered voter in Maynard?

    * First choice:

    Second choice:

    * Do you regularly attend Town Meeting?

    * Have you ever served on a Board, Committee, or Commission in the Town of Maynard?

    I will read a copy of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268A “Conflict of Interest” provided by the Town Clerk, if appointed, and to the best of my ability agree to abide by the provisions of the statute.