Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee generally meets on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm in Room 101 of the Town Municipal Building, 195 Main Street. Notices for all meetings are posted at the Town Hall at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting date. All meetings are open to the public.





Fall 2022: The Maynard Community Preservation Committee is inviting Maynard residents to submit proposals for CPA funding. While submitting proposals please take notice of the following important due dates:

  • October 3, 2022 – Notice of Intent Due
  • November 14, 2021 – Final Applications Due

*Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the CPC has been holding all meetings remotely via Zoom. Login details are posted on the Town website. If the applicant is unable or would prefer to meet with the committee in person, please notify Anna-Lisa McLaughlin via the email address at least two weeks in advance to arrange an in-person or hybrid meeting. Such meetings will be held at the Town Building located at 195 Main Street on the lower level.


About the Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was formed in November 2006 after Maynard voters adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) at the 2006 Annual Town meeting in May and reaffirmed the adoption of the CPA in the town election which followed. The Community Preservation Committee is charged with studying the needs, possibilities and resources of Maynard regarding community preservation. Its members are representatives from other Maynard town boards or residents of the town.

The Community Preservation Committee oversees Maynard’s Community Preservation Fund, selects preservation projects and recommends selected projects to Town Meeting for funding. Preservation projects eligible for funding may include:

  • acquiring and preserving land for open space
  • acquiring, preserving and restoring historic resources, structures, artifacts and documents
  • acquiring, preserving and developing land for passive and active recreation
  • acquiring and developing community housing.

The CPC reviews project proposals received from other Town Boards, community groups and individuals. The CPC determines its annual priorities for project funding through careful review of existing development plans (e.g. 2006 Community Development and Implementation Committee Plan, 2006 Freedom’s Way Heritage Plan, Maynard’s Open Space Plan), through deliberations with other Town Boards, and through input from community members.

Preliminary projects selected for funding by the CPC are then brought to Maynard Town Meeting where a majority vote is required to approve expenditures from the Community Preservation Fund. (Amounts in the CPC fund are the result of a 1.5% property tax surcharge voted at the May 2006 Town Meeting, and matching state funds.) After approval of a project(s) by a Town Meeting vote, the Committee oversees expenditures of CPA funds by the project group sponsor, who is responsible for the implementation and completion of the approved project.

You can contact the committee via email at:


CPC Members

Name / Representing
John Dwyer, Chair, Conservation Commission
Rick Lefferts, Vice-Chair, member-at-large
Jon Lenicheck, Treasurer, member-at-large
Bill Cranshaw, Housing Authority
Anna-Lisa McLaughlin, Clerk
Natalie Robert, Planning Board
Ellen Duggan, Historical Commission
Denise Walsh,  Recreation Commission
Jon Canchola, Capital Planning Committee
Linde Ghere, member-at-large
Anna-Lisa McLaughlin, Clerk



FY2022 Final Applications


FY21 Final Applications


FY20 Final Applications


Approved Grant Agreements

  • HR031-21 – Marble Farm Park and Historic Site
  • CH009-21 – Region Housing Services Office Membership Funding
  • OS025-21 – Conservation Fund Support
  • HR030-21 – Restoration of Historic Gravestones
  • CH010-21 – Affordable Housing Trust
  • HR028-20 – Marble Farm Project Plan
  • CH007-20 – Region Housing Services Office Membership Funding
  • CH006-20 – Maynard Affordable Housing Trust
  • REC037-20 – Memorial Park and Rail Trail Benches
  • OS024-20 – Conservation Fund Support
  • HR029-20 – Historic Mill Curfew Bell
  • REC039-20 – MHS Front Field Irrigation
  • CH004-17 – Affordable Housing Trust
  • HR025-18 – Historic Properties Survey (MACRIS) Phase 3
  • REC032-18 – Fowler Field Renovation
  • REC033-18 – Glenwood Cemetery Pond Restoration