Coolidge School Reuse Task Force

2001-472-6270The Coolidge School has served Maynard for more than 100 years. In December 2014 the school’s main tenant, The Maynard Public Schools Administration, vacated the building. Now the town must decide what to do with Coolidge: use it, sell it, demolish it.

The Coolidge Re-use Task Force, a committee appointed by the Select Board, studied the options and made recommendations to the board.

A public forum on the school was held on 28-Feb-2015.  A summary of that forum is available in the Resources section below.

 On 24-Jun-2015 the Task Force published its final report, presented to the Select Board on 30-Jun-2015.  Consequently, the task force is no longer an active committee.

 In September 2018 the Select Board appointed a 5-member working group to determine how the building will be reused. Please visit the Coolidge School Working Group page for information on that process.


Final Report – June 24, 2015



The Task Force has delivered its report and is now dissolved.  No future meetings are planned.


CSRTF Members

  • Lee Acker
  • Sally Bubier, Chair
  • Tim Hess
  • Rick Lefferts
  • Jack MacKeen
  • Vicki Brown Stevens, Secretary
  • Ken Neuhauser

Resources & Reports


Task Force Minutes and Agendas – 2015