BEEP Guidelines

Thank you for considering participation in the Town of Maynard Business Environment Enhancement Program (BEEP). Processing of a request for funds typically takes 2 to 4 months from start to finish. The standard procedure for the BEEP is as follows:



a)  An application form must be completed and submitted to the Economic Development Committee (EDC) via the Town Administrator’s office for review.

  • If a business owner/tenant is applying for a grant, all legal property owners as well as all legal business owners must sign the application.
  • If a property owner is applying for a grant, all legal property owners must sign the application.
  • If an organization or individual is proposing a grant for an improvement to public infrastructure, space or other amenity, a letter from the Town Administrator must be provided indicating town support for the project.
  • In all cases, the Town Administrator shall designate a staff representative for the project.

b)  The applicant shall provide a full description of the proposed project including, but not limited to, surveys, plans, photographs and any other materials deemed necessary by the Town to allow reviewing entities to sufficiently understand and evaluate the project. The applicant shall also provide a cost estimate of the completed project.

c)  The applicant shall present a maintenance plan. If the proposed project involves public property, the Town Administrator shall provide a letter to the applicant attesting to the Town’s commitment to maintain improvements.

d)  Any outstanding code enforcement violations shall be corrected as a part of the proposed improvements.

e)  The Economic Development Committee will review the application and make a recommendation on the proposal to the Select Board. The recommendation shall include a maximum grant amount (not to exceed).

f)  The Select Board determines if the grant is awarded.



a)  Applicant and Staff representative select design consultant.
b)  Design consultant and applicant determine initial design proposal.

c)  Staff representative, Building Commissioner and any applicable review agencies/entities review design proposal. Any review comments shall be addressed and/or incorporated into the project design.

d)  The applicant obtains bids for entire project as approved.

e)  Staff representative determines funding eligible to be awarded under the grant based on proposed design. Applicant commits to matching funds (if applicable). Staff representative prepares/executes an agreement of terms between Town and applicant.

f)  The applicant executes contract with Massachusetts licensed contractor. Work by contractor shall commence within 30 days of execution of agreement between Town and applicant unless Staff representative authorizes delay. After a period totaling 60 days of inactivity, the applicant shall appear before the BOS for a determination of project status.



a)  Applicant / contractor shall obtain all appropriate permits and any insurance required by the Town prior to proceeding with work. Town Building Permit fees may be waived for an approved BEEP project. The applicant shall be responsible for all other inspection fees.

b)  Applicant is responsible for all agreements with and payments to contractors; however, contractor change orders may not be made without the written approval of the BOS.

c)  Applicant is responsible for monitoring contractor’s work. Staff representative must approve project completion.

d)  Applicant pays invoices following approval of work. Provides documentation of payment to Town.

e) Town reimburses applicant per grant agreement.



a)  By accepting grant funds for projects involving private property, the applicant commits to properly maintain all improvements for a minimum of three (3) years at the applicant’s own cost and expense. Any damage to improvements made on private property shall be repaired immediately by the applicant so that the building remains in good condition and positively contributes to the business area.

b)  Grant funds utilized for projects involving public property shall be properly maintained consistent with Item 1.c.

If you have questions about this program, please contact Bill Nemser at:
Phone: (978) 897-1302