Mission Statement

It is the intention of the Select Board in creating this Committee to provide a mechanism to assist the Board and Town Administrator in developing programs and projects to foster energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and sustainability planning. This new committee will gather study and evaluate information that will help determine various approaches for improving the energy efficiency of operating town, school buildings and vehicles. Investigate alternatives for energy technologies and identify funding opportunities to help the Town achieve its energy and sustainability related goals.

Additionally, the Committee shall develop and recommend approaches for influencing the town residents and businesses to maximize their environmental sustainability through educational outreach, information programs and incentives.

Responsibilities of the Green Communities Committee include these listed below as well as any other related tasks that might later be added by the Select Board:

  1. Serve as a resource of the Select Board and Town department heads on energy related issues.
  2. Begin discussions with Maynard Public Schools to develop ways this committee can serve as resource to the schools and develop strategies and proposals that emphasize coordination particularly in the area of alternative energies.
  3. Study alternative energies possible by using the Town’s closed landfill area.
  4. Identify and develop grant opportunities that meet the mission of this committee and are consistent with Select Board’s goals. (All grant applications for Town buildings), Town land or on behalf of the Town must be submitted from the office of the Town Administrator.
  5. Develop action steps to have Maynard designated as a Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Green Community.
  6. Facilitate Town participation in DOER programs and public utility grants and incentives.
  7. Promote energy efficiency and conservation in the Maynard residential sector.
  8. Assist and work with the Town’s Webmaster in developing a page on Town’s web site with information on the Committee’s activities and related information.

Membership Requirements and Expectations

Members of Maynard’s Green Community Committee shall be appointed by the Select Board and have ten (10) members. All appointments are for a three year period, with staggered term.

Minimum requirements of residents: Must be a registered voter of the Town of Maynard. Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate knowledge of energy conservation and management. Must be available to attend the majority of scheduled meetings.