Historical Commission

The Maynard Historical Commission’s mission is to preserve, protect and develop the historic and archaeological assets of the community; ensure that the goals of historic preservation are considered in the planning and future development of the community.

The Commission also reviews and enforces the town’s Demolition Delay Bylaw (see below) in concert with the Building Inspector.

Learn more about our responsibilities and roles within town government (and how we differ from the Maynard Historical Society).


Commission Meetings

The Commission typically meets third Tuesday of every month starting at 7:00 in the Trustees Room of the Maynard Public Library.  This is not a “regular” schedule so please check the meeting calendar to confirm our next meeting.

Historical Commission Meeting Minutes and Agendas


News and Updates

Mill Historical Panel

In this, Maynard’s Sesquicentennial Year, the 150th anniversary of the founding of our town, the Maynard Historical Commission is pleased to tell you about its special plan for a professionally designed permanent Historical Marker showcasing the history, people and products of the Mill.  The Commission appreciates the support for the project from the many generous donors in the Maynard community.

Click here to learn more about the panel

Glenwood Cemetery Fence


In 2015 the Maynard Historical Commission and the Town of Maynard completed the Glenwood Cemetery Perimeter Iron Fence project.  This historic replica fence was almost 20 years in the making and was funded by a grant from the Community Preservation Act as well as funds from the town’s perpetual care fund.  The original fence was erected in the 1930s as a Works Project Administration (WPA) project.  Glenwood Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Maynard Historical Commission Receives Donation From Maynard Resident Ellen Duggan

Jan 24, 2018:  The Maynard Historical Commission is pleased to announce it has received a generous grant from  Ellen Duggan, lifelong Maynard resident.  These funds will be used to expand the work of the organization by celebrating historically relevant properties throughout the town.

“I doubt my family would have survived without Maynard.  Illness in their hometown in Newfoundland had already claimed many family members.  So my great grandparents, Robert and Ann O’Neill Duggan and their four remaining children, came to Maynard on the ship Halifax in December of 1892.  They settled in Maynard and we have been here ever since.“  said Duggan.  “I would like to support the mission of the MHC by recognizing some of the properties throughout town which had significance to my family.  I know my ancestors would be proud to be recognized.”

The MHC’s Historical Marker Program was created in 2012 to highlight important buildings and landmarks with permanent historical markers.   The goal of this program is to bring attention to visitors and residents alike of the historical significance of many parts of Maynard.  Markers throughout town include the Pleasant Cafe, the Union Congregational Church and the Amory Maynard House.  Residents throughout the town can also contact the MHC to have a thorough history review done on their own private property and celebrate their home with a plaque.

The town of Maynard is currently planning to celebrate their 150th anniversary of the town with celebrations throughout the year 2020.  The Sesquicentennial Planning Committee is currently looking for funding sources from private donations as well as business support

Jack MacKeen, Chairman of the MHC, commented that “Ellen’s generosity will help us to continue our mission of preserving the history of Maynard.  We were surprised and honored by her benevolent gift and hope other members of the community will see her generosity as an inspiration to give back to the town in some way.”


MHC Projects


Contacting the Commission

You can send an email to the chair of the Historical Commission at: histcom@townofmaynard.net


Joining the Commission

The Historical Commission is actively seeking Associate Members.  We have an active set of project, particularly with the upcoming Sesquicentennial, and would encourage anyone who has an interest in local history to consider joining the Commission as an Associate Member.  Associate Members participate in Commission meetings and hearings, contribute to Commission projects, and can be elected as a temporary voting member to fill in for an absent Commissioner.



Name Title
Jack MacKeen Chair
Priscilla Sandberg Vice-chair
Lee Caras Clerk
Ellen Duggan  *
Paul Boothroyd
John Courville Alternate Member
John Brandon Alternate Member
Ann Gibson Alternate Member
Brion Berghaus Alternate Member
Paul Lesage Alternate Member

* Ellen Duggan is the Commission’s representative on the Community Preservation Committee.


Demolition Delay Bylaw

maynard-house-145mainIn January 2017 the Historical Commission-sponsored Demolition Delay Bylaw to Town Meeting was approval at the Special Town Meeting. The bylaw’s purpose is to preserve and protect significant buildings or other structures within the Town of Maynard which constitute or reflect distinctive features of the architectural, cultural, economic, political or social history of the Town and to limit the detrimental effect of demolition of such buildings on the character and value of real property resources of the Town.

Through this Bylaw, owners of Preferably Preserved buildings are encouraged to seek out alternative options that will preserve, rehabilitate or restore such buildings and residents of the Town are alerted to impending demolitions of significant buildings. By preserving and protecting significant buildings, this Bylaw promotes the public welfare by making the Town a more attractive and desirable place in which to live and work.

Demolition Delay Bylaw Resources


Historic Preservation Guide

historic-preservation-guide-cover-2016This comprehensive guide to Historic Preservation is available to residents, business owners, developers and town officials.  It covers historic preservation practices at the national, state and local level and provides resources and success stories for approaching preservation projects.

The guide was authored by Haley Fritz in collaboration with the Maynard Historical Commission and Bill Nemser, Planning Director.  The guide was part of a Gold Award Project under the auspices of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

Guide contents:

  1. What is Historic Preservation
  2. National Preservation
  3. State Preservation
  4. Local Preservation
  5. Sample Building Assessment
  6. Public Relations in Historic Preservation
  7. Private Development and Historic Preservation
  8. Historic Preservation for Homeowners
  9. Additional Resources
  10. Preservation Success Stories

Download a copy of the Historic Preservation Guide