Maynard Golf Club Reuse Committee

The Maynard Golf Club Reuse Committee was chartered with assessing the feasibility of alternatives to the land and resources of the Maynard Golf Course (formerly the Maynard Country Club).   A series of public forums throughout the assessment process afforded all residents the opportunity to offer opinions and provide input on how you feel the property can be best utilized.   Please feel free to make use of our feedback form at the bottom of this page to provide input to the committee.


Committee Meetings

The Maynard Golf Club Re-Use Committee is no longer active.  See our final report below.


About the Committee


To assess the feasibility of alternatives at the Maynard Country Club land (going forward know as “the property”), that are consistent with the Community Preservation Act, and which enhance the character and vitality of the Maynard community for all ages.


  • Develop a thorough and complete understanding of the property’s characteristics including location, size, shape, natural features, amenities, history, importance in past Town reports and studies, current operating situation, revenues, legal issues, limitations and other relevant issues related to its use;
  • Maintain an awareness of the operating status and maintenance issues of the property while under private management
  • Evaluate the various recreation, open space, entertainment, cultural, athletic, housing, alternative energy, natural resource, business, revenue and other opportunities with potential at the property and that are consistent with the mission, to determine the feasibility of such activities at the property
  • Evaluate alternative management structures
  • Initiate a fully public and transparent process whereby residents, businesses, town boards and committees, and interested organizations can provide input and receive regular updates and communications about the progress of the committee
  • Provide a draft and final report for acceptance by the 2014 Annual Town Meeting which includes preferred recommendations for action by the Select Board. Such Report shall summarize the process, timeline, input received, alternatives evaluated, rational for the recommendations, management structure, revenue potential, benefits and costs.

MGCRC Members

Adam Conn (Secretary)
Deirdre Campbell
Mark Grundstrom (Chair)
Kathy Campbell (Vice Chair)
Bill Cranshaw (Select Board Liaison)

Final Report

Download the final report of the committee.  (Oct 2014)





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