Master Plan Implementation Committee

Draft Charge (to be deliberated by the newly formed committee):

The Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) is an advisory body which monitors and supports Town Departments and  Committees to carry out the tasks set forth in the Maynard Master Plan adopted by the Town of Maynard Planning Board and presented to the public at the Fall 2020 Special Town Meeting.  The Committee will liaise and assist the Town Departments, Boards, and Committees identified as task leaders for tasks in the Master Plan.

Assistance will include, aiding in strategy to implement, monitoring of progress by task, general support (including aiding in data collection or grant assistance), and communicating this progress to the Select Board, Town Administration and documenting progress in the Annual Town Report.

The Committee’s goal and mission will be to oversee progress and confirm Maynard’s development in accordance with the Master Plan to continue to be a viable community fiscally, environmentally, recreationally, and educationally.





MPIC Members

  • Jason Kreil (Chair)
  • Page Czepiga (Vice-Chair)
  • Susan Erickson (Clerk, Conservation Commission)
  • Bryan Delaney
  • Amy Loveless (Council on Aging)
  • John Cramer
  • Brendon R. W. Chetwynd (Master Plan Steering Committee)
  • Mary Brannelly (School Committee)
  • Bill Nemser (Planning Director)