Sustainability Committee


Mission Statement

To provide Maynard with solutions to successfully prepare for present and future climate, energy, and environmental challenges.


  • Maintaining coordination with Town departments.
  • Assisting with sustainability goals set in planning documents and regulations for the community.
  • Identifying and collaborating with local, regional, and national programs to assist in their mission.
  • Identifying both public and non-governmental funding sources for program implementation.
  • Helping provide consistency of institutional knowledge and record keeping.
  • Assisting with pro-active infrastructure strategizing and planning.
  • Fostering the practice of potable water conservation. Protecting future municipal water sources.
  • Working towards the Town’s transition to affordable renewable energy.
  • Reducing household, business, and school waste.
  • Increasing availability of energy efficient public transportation.
  • Identifying and promoting opportunities for green infrastructure.
  • Reducing toxic use and polluting practices in the community.
  • Increasing the Town’s tree canopy and other water purifying and retention landscaping.
  • Identifying community coaches and other resources to help residents, businesses, and schools implement resilient solutions and energy efficiency.
  • Fostering a culture of community engagement in and understanding of transition goals. Engage all stakeholders.


This is a new committee.  It has not yet set a meeting schedule.



  • Beth Alafat
  • Victoria Brown
  • John Frechette
  • Geoff Nelson
  • Ken Neuhauser
  • Priscilla Ryder
  • Kate Wheeler