Tree Committee



The Maynard Tree Committee is dedicated to promoting the growth of a healthy and diverse population of trees on public and private property throughout the town.  It shall:

  1. Assist the Tree Warden & Conservation Agent in duties under MGL and municipal bylaws.
  2. Promote planting, protection, and community outreach of trees and their benefits throughout the Town.
  3. Regulate removal and replacement of trees as described by MGL and municipal bylaws.
  4. Create and update municipal tree bylaws; facilitate tree surveys and help maintain inventories; develop tree manuals and programs; and undertake other initiatives that they and the Tree Warden find necessary for their mission.
  5. Educate the community about the value of trees and about tree resources available to them. Inform the public about the local tree initiatives.
  6. Seek grants and other assistance for planting, maintenance, and preservation of trees in town.

The Tree Committee is an ad hoc, Town Administrator appointed committee ((like a working group).





  • Justin DeMarco (DPW Tree Warden, Co-Chair)
  • Kaitlin Young (Co-Chair)
  • Lee Caras
  • Kate Wheeler
  • Leslie Bryant
  • Orian Green
  • Neil Pederson
  • Student/school representative; to be named later


If you have questions or interest in this committee, please contact the Maynard DPW.