White’s Pond Citizens’ Study Committee

The White’s Pond Citizens’ Study Committee is investigating a possible need to expand the Town’s water supply sources and to recommend to the Select Board all reasonable approaches.

The White’s Pond Citizens’ Study Committee is seeking citizens’ comments on all aspects of Maynard’s water system/service.  We hope to do a thorough job and would like to hear your ideas, concerns, comments, history, or other thoughts you have.  If there is additional information you would like to see on this site, please let us know.  There is a feedback form at the bottom of this page that will relay your message to the committee.


Final Report

The White Pond Citzen’s Study Committee is pleased to announce the availability of their final report.

This 114-page examines Maynard’s water resource needs over the next 10, 25, 50 and 100 years.

Download the final report. (updated 25-Jun)


Committee Meetings


About the Committee

White’s Pond Citizen’s Study Committee (WPCSC) is a citizen comprised ad hoc body appointed by the Maynard Select Board.  Initially set at five (5) voting members, it has been expanded to 7 members.

The committee will be tasked with facilitating the success of the study being conducted by the engineering firm of Woodard and Curran.  This will include meeting with, advising and conveying public input from various constituencies to the firm, the Select Board and the Town Administrator when relative and appropriate.

The WPCSC will be tasked to deliver a narrative or written report or recommendation to the Select Board upon completion of the engineering study.  A final report was originally scheduled for the 2011 Annual Town Meeting, but due to delays in starting the study it is now expected in the September 2011 timeframe with an interim report to be presented at Annual Town Meeting.


  1. Determine if water supply expansion is desirable, feasible and beneficial to the Town.
  2. If yes, what is most effective and valuable approaches?
  3. Despite name of committee, review all potential options including additional wells.
  4. Consider initial capital cost and ongoing operational costs and recommend the optimal balance between the two.
  5. Present all reasonable approaches and rank them in desirability.

WPCSC Members

Paul Boothroyd
Dick Downey (Chairman)
Ellen Duggan
Jason Kreil (Vice Chair)
Eugene Redner (non-voting member, Finance Committee representative)
Peter Reed
Herb Symes (Secretary)

Learn more about the committee members and their backgrounds.




Meeting Minutes

Click to view 2011 minutes