Committee Member Information

Paul Boothroyd 

Resident: Born and raised in Maynard , Educated in the public school system, married to a Maynard girl and raised three children in the town

Profession: Self employed the last thirty years, Real Estate

Other Town services: The Historical Commission, Curator of The Maynard Historical Society, Editor of three books on Maynard

Reason for joining: To preserve and promote the success and general welfare of the Maynard Community.

Dick Downey (Chairman) 

Resident: 42 years

Profession: Manufacturing Management

Other Town services: Finance Committee;  Town Assessor; Selectman; Search Committee for Town Administrator; MAGIC representative;  Annex Reuse Committee; Board of Directors, Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Reason for joining: “Water is an essential element in the quality of life.  I believe it is the responsibility of the Town to plan and develop an adequate supply of quality water now and into the future.  This requires planning and investment and I want to be sure that our monies are spent on the best, most cost effective alternatives.”

Ellen Duggan 

Resident: Born and raised in Maynard

Profession: Professional education (45 yrs), Public higher education (32 of 45yrs)

Other Town services: Search Committee for Town Administrator;  Fowler School Improvement Council;  Charter Review;  Town By-Laws;  Historical Commission;  Meals on Wheels Program

Reason for joining: “I joined this committee as I feel strongly that we must plan to meet our needs for good, clean water for the present and the future.”

Jim Fulton (Vice Chair) 

Resident: 44 years

Profession: Medical Acoustic Design Applications

Other Town services: Finance committee

Reason for joining: “I believe it is important for Maynard to review its existing water resources and to explore other sources of water including Whites Pond for the purpose of diversification of supply and increasing source capacity. Clean water is a finite commodity. Future growth for Maynard residents and businesses depends on securing another adequate, dependable and quality source of water.”

Jason Kreil 

Resident: 6 years

Profession: Civil Engineer

Other Town services: Planning Board

Reason for joining: “I believe Maynard must make responsible investments in our infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient public utilities”

Eugene Redner 

Resident: 13 years

Profession: Electrical/Computer Engineering-retired

Other Town services: Finance Committee 7 years, part-time school bus driver,  Meals on Wheels delivery,

Reason for joining: “To help the town plan for it’s future water needs and to provide citizens with information that is necessary for all of us to make an informed decision.”

Peter Reed 

Resident since: 25 years

Profession: Civil and Environmental Engineer, PE & LEEDS certified

Other Town services: Library Committee, High School Building Committee

Reason for joining: Assure an accurate scientific evaluation of the merits of re-establishing White’s Pond as an additional water source.

Herb Symes (Secretary) 

Resident: Born and raised in Maynard

Profession: Professional Education (36 yrs), Sports Coach, Real Estate

Other Town services: Advisor, school system

Reason for joining: “As a child growing up in Maynard, White’s Pond was our sole source of water for the town.  I fondly remember that I was able to enjoy good quality water from White’s Pond.  I believe a town can never possess too much quality water.  Water is quickly becoming society’s most valuable asset.  I firmly believe that it would be in the best interest of the citizens of Maynard to make White’s Pond available again, as another water source.”