Town Political Calendar


Annual Town Election Calendar

EventDeadline Date & Time Law Reference
First Day to Obtain Nomination PapersMonday,
January 13
Last Day to Obtain Nomination PapersFriday,
March 13
5:00pmMGL c 53 Sec 9A
Last Day to Submit Nomination Papers to the Board of Registrars for certification*Tuesday,
March 17
5:00pmMGL c 53, Sec 7
Last day for the Board of Selectmen to give written notice to the Town Clerk to place a ballot question on the ballotTuesday,
March 31
5:00pmMGL c 54, Sec 42C
Last Day to Object or WithdrawThursday,
April 2
5:00pmMGL c 53, Sec 11
Last Day to Register to Vote in Town ElectionWednesday,
April 15th
8:00pmMGL c 51, Sec 26, 28
Deadline to Post WarrantTuesday,
April 28
MGL c 39, Sec 10
Deadline for Absentee Ballot applicationsMonday,
May 4
12:00pmMGL c 54 Sec 89
May 5
7am – 8pmCOE c 44, Sec 2

*50 Certified Signatures Required

The required number of signatures for candidates is set at 1% of the total number of voters in the Town of Maynard in the last race for Governor. The total number of voters in the 2018 Governor’s Race in Maynard was 7,264. MGL Ch 53, §6 states the # of signatures required cannot be less than 20 and no more than 50.


Campaign Finance Reports Form CPF M102

Pre- Election Report8th Day Preceding ElectionTuesday, April 28th7:00pm
Post-Election Report30th Day After ElectionThursday, June 4th4:00pm
Annual ReportYear EndWednesday,
January 20, 2021

Note: If you do not receive any contributions, spend any money (including your own) or incur any liabilities in connection with your campaign, you may sign Form CPF M102-0 (available at the Town Clerk’s Office) for each reporting period in lieu of filing Form CPF M102.


2020 Annual Town Meeting Calendar

EventDeadline Date & TimeLaw Reference
Last Day to Register to VoteTuesday, April 288:00pmMCL c 51, Sec 26, 28
Deadline to for Warrant to be PostedMonday, May 11MGL c 39, Sec 10
ANNUAL TOWN MEETINGMonday, May 187:00pmCOE c 44, Sec 1

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