Masonic Block (100 Main Street)

The Masonic Block, aptly called the Maynard Block for a while, was built in 1888 by Lorenzo Maynard, whose father, Amory Maynard, was the town’s first post master. So, it was only appropriate that the building became home to Maynard’s post office until 1922, when the block was purchased by the Masonic Lodge. A Masonic Lodge is a meeting site for the world’s largest and oldest fraternity, the Freemasons. The Freemasons themselves have a long and rich history, symbolically dating back to the days of Solomon, King of Israel. Officially, the “craft” – as it is known among its members – came to America from England in the 1700s, by way of Bostonian merchant Henry Price. Many of America’s Founding Fathers were Freemasons, including Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and the man himself, George Washington. Today, the building is home to businesses such as Legends Comix and Games and the Boston Beanhouse, but the legacy of the Maynard Freemasons lives on in the Charles A. Welch Lodge in Concord.

Fun fact: The Freemasons figured prominently in the plot of the 2004 Disney movie National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage.