Clock Tower

The Clock Tower can be called the pride and joy of Maynard in many respects. The Town Clock, or Mill Clock, was donated by none other than Lorenzo Maynard, in loving memory of his father Amory. The original clock is still used today; it was manufactured by the E. Howard Clock Company of Waltham and installed on October 11, 1892 – precisely one day before the Pledge of Allegiance was first incorporated into schools. Even today, the clock is hand-wound (90 times, once a week, every week) and so is the striker (wound a whopping 330 times each week!), which sounds the familiar twang of the bell that marks every hour here in Maynard.  If you dare, you can climb the arduous 124 steps to the Town Clock on a Mill Clock tour, or, if you’d rather play it safe, you can enjoy the Historical Society’s interactive online tour from the comfort of your own home. Just go to the town website and prepare to be amazed. As Alice R. Hanson wrote in her 1986 poem “the Mill Clock”, “All hail to Lorenzo Maynard for this gift that makes us so proud.”