Maynard Post Office

The current Maynard Post Office building originated as the Assabet and Middlesex Boarding House: a structure with a whopping 39 rooms, 4 tubs, and 12 toilets. In 1934, the Boarding House was purchased and became Maynard’s first official Town Hall. That building has stood here since 1963.

Before inhabiting the present location, the Post Office was housed in a number of different locales, including the former Maynard block – now the Masonic block – where the Boston Bean House and other businesses exist today. Amory Maynard was the town’s first postmaster. In the early days of Maynard, the town was too small for city delivery – the present system of postmen delivering mail door-to-door – so townspeople had to pick up their mail at the post office. Every evening, the Post Office crowded with immigrant mill workers hoping to send money home to their families overseas. As the town of Maynard grew, the Post Office was forced to grow with it. When it could no longer keep up with the influx of mail, the Postal Service had no choice but to move to this larger building. Finally, in 1920, the population grew large enough for city delivery to come to Maynard.

Today, the Post Office receives mail four times a day from all over the country. The mail is sorted by machine before being delivered by the friendly neighborhood postmen and women we all know and love.