People’s Theatre (14 Nason Street)

The People’s Theatre was once one of three movie theaters in downtown Maynard. Of these three theaters, People’s was the largest, seating up to 700 people, and the only theater with a balcony, which supplied 250 of those seats.  The People’s Theater Company resulted from a coop formed by three Maynard men: James A. Coughlan, Hector Hobers, and James J. Ledgard; its shares were sold for an impressive $25 apiece. People’s Theater opened its doors on May 6, 1921 and closed after a long run in 1959. The meeting that voted to construct the Green Meadow School was held here in 1954. Today, the People’s Theater building is home to the Kaplansky Insurance Agency. An exhibit of vintage photographs is also housed on the second floor.