Middlesex Savings Bank

What is today the Middlesex Savings Bank used to be known as the Assabet Institution of Savings; though several bank mergers eventually turned ownership over to Middlesex, its façade still bears this inscription as a reminder of the building’s historic past. Assabet Bank was organized in 1904 and moved to the present location in 1929; both of these dates can be viewed on the front of the building. Like many of Maynard’s historic buildings, including the famed Coolidge School, the Assabet Institution of Savings was built in the Classical Revival style, a type of architecture characterized by its use of Greco-Roman elements.

Classical Revival architecture was so named because it revived elements of the formerly-popular Neoclassical style. The Neoclassical movement became especially popular in early America due to the connection between Greek principles and our Founding Fathers’ theories of democracy and republicanism. Famous Neoclassical buildings in America include the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Monticello.