William B. Case Block (Maynard Outdoor Store)

Now the Maynard Outdoor Store, the former Case Block has a history spanning more than one hundred years. In 1892, William B. Case – a former citizen of Maine who relocated to Maynard, Massachusetts in 1874 – opened a brand-new building for his store, W.B. Case & Sons, Dry Goods. Case and his employees used to conduct transactions via a basket slid along a wire. The customer’s money was transferred to the cashier via this contraption; likewise, the cashier returned the receipt and change to the customer.

Specific records chronicling the closing of the store no longer exist; however, it is thought that the Great Depression forced the store into bankruptcy sometime after 1935. An A&P Supermarket – the Wal-mart of WWII – opened in the Case Block in 1942, closing in 1967. Shortly afterward, a store known as Army & Navy Sporting and Camping Equipment opened in the block, a store whose name would eventually become the Maynard Outdoor Store. As the store’s website proudly declares, it has been “outfitting Assabet Valley since 1950,” drawing customers from all over the county with its helpful staff and friendly neighborhood service.