Knights of Columbus Hall

The site of the current Knights of Columbus Hall was once home to the Riverside Cooperative Hall (not to be confused with Riverside Hall at 117 Main Street). The original four-story building was built in 1882 and remained until it was devastated by fire in 1936. Riverside Cooperative Block, a food cooperative created by the town’s English immigrants, held meetings there until the hall’s eventual destruction.

On a brighter note, from 1885 to 1918, the Riverside Cooperative Block was also home to the Maynard Public Library, where all in town were welcome regardless of their heritage. Today, the Knights of Columbus Hall stands in its place, the proud meeting place of Maynard’s chapter of “the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization.” Founded on principles of service and brotherhood, the organization performs much charity work in America and overseas, particularly through its charitable insurance program.