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Maynard voters approved Question 4 on the state election ballot on November 8, 2016, to allow the non-medical use of marijuana by adults.  

Massachusetts regulations and standards for marijuana establishments are administered by the Cannabis Control Commission.  The local regulatory framework for marijuana permitting was developed in 2017/18 and is administered by the Town. A request to permit a marijuana establishment goes through the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, the Police Department, the Health Department and Town staff. A “Host Community Agreement” between the business owner and the Board of Selectmen is also required.
By vote of the Town Meeting, Marijuana Retailers are allowed by Special Permit* of the Planning Board within the “Central Business” (CB), “Business” (B) and “Health Care Industrial” (HCI) Zoning Districts. A Craft Marijuana Cultivator Cooperative, Marijuana Cultivator, Marijuana Testing Facility, or Marijuana Product Manufacturer use within the “Health Care Industrial” (HCI) and “Industrial” (I) Zoning Districts.

Marijuana use in public is prohibited and limited to private property. Maynard has no establishments that are authorized to allow on-premises use of marijuana.

* A Special Permit allows a specific use at a specific location. In order to be granted, a Special Permit must go through the public hearing process.  A public hearing means that abutters are notified, public input will be heard and a location specific review by the Planning Board will be conducted before the Special Permit is issued. Limitations, conditions or other site-specific regulations may be imposed on any Special Permit issued.

14-Aug-2019: The Board of Selectmen is considering updates to the rules and regulations for Marijuana Retailers as well as the rules and regulations for Marijuana Cultivators, Manufacturers, and Testing Facilities. The Board of Selectmen reviewed potential changes to both documents during their 8/6/19 meeting, and they plan to continue their discussion at their 8/27/19 meeting.  The Selectmen are seeking feedback from residents on these rules and regulations. Please read the article for more information.


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